Why Choose IP Cameras Over HD Analog Cameras? – 5 Reasons

There can be lots of reasons why you should Choose IP Cameras Over HD Analog Cameras. People who are unaware of the effective costs and features of a surveillance system should consider some challenges. Because if a person wants to access the clear view in live feeds, he should not install any expensive or complicated devices.

5 Reasons To Choose IP Cameras Over HD Analog Cameras

Choose IP Cameras Over HD Analog Cameras

Less Installation Expense

As a matter of fact, you need to spend 1.5x more on HD Analog Cameras as compared to IP Cameras. Because for every HD Camera, you have to connect its wire to the DVR individually. As in IP Cameras, you can spend less by saving cost money of wiring because of less wiring using CAT5 or CAT6.

Easy To Expand

As compared to HD Analog Cameras, it’s easy to expand the surveillance system with IP Cameras. Because HD Analog Cameras can be expanded to a limited area. But you can expand IP Camera without having to worry about any area limitations. That’s why large firms prefer using IP Cameras.


CCTV Maintenance plays an important role in why you should Choose IP Cameras Over HD Analog Cameras. IP Cameras cost lesser than HD Analog Cameras, so it’s easy to maintain them as well. That’s why most engineers recommend their customers to prefer using IP Cameras. Because they are cost-effective and less complicated in installation.

More Reliable

You’ll be amazed to acknowledge that IP Cameras are more reliable as compared to HD Analog Cameras. Because they use LAN Connectors. As in HD Analog Cameras, users need to face the complications of connecting several connectors with their DVRs. Resulting-in, they have to face several annoying errors regarding live feeds.

Clear View

Every surveillance system owner wishes to access a clearer view in the live feeds. That’s why I’ll recommend you to use IP Cameras instead of HD Analog Cameras. Because these are the latest technology used in surveillance systems and also give you access to some extra services like motion detection, night vision, etc.

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