Problems in IP Camera Setup. CCTV security cameras are the need of every home and office person. And, people know their importance and that’s it is the most used security measure in the world. As the CCTV is trending so, we through to discuss some general issues which may occur during the setup configurations. We are addressing issues as well as demonstrating guides/answers to those issues.

Let’s begin with the first problem in which may occur while setting up the configuration and check the solution.

First problem: Camera not pinging

If the CCTV Camera is not pinging then you have to consider the following factors.

problems in ip camera setup

  • Maybe the cable is a proper punch which can cause the entire setup failure.
  • Check either the camera power is on or not.
  • Make sure the camera is pinging from the same network or not.
  • Maybe the Nvr Ip address is in the same series as the camera IP
  • Check the network cable properly inserted into a switch(if any). Mostly this issue arises.
  • Make sure the Network cable is properly inserted into Nvr. Don’t break the pin otherwise, it will burden your pocket again.
  • Make sure the network cable is not damage.

Second Problem: IP Camera view not Upto the mark

There can be many factors involved in this issue either individually or collectively. First of all, check the camera lens either something is covering the lens. Check out the camera angle and shake it a bit, it will resolve the image fossil age or clarity issues. If this doesn’t solve your issue then that means the problem is in that work. again go to the command prompt ping the IP address for the camera. If the response time is greater than 10 ms then it’s time to upgrade your router or switch to higher bandwidth.

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Third Problem: Can’t find IP (Most probably)

problems in ip camera setup

This factor can’t be considered as an issue, in fact, it the lack of knowledge. There are multiple ways to Find the CCTV Camera IP address. A most suitable way to find IP is to contact the IP Camera network provider. That can be a shop or company from wherever you bought the setup. Or, connect your camera to your computer and install the software which is given by the IP Camera company. There is another way, users can download an IP Finder tool like WireShark.org.

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