CCTV Camera Technical Terms (WDR/HLC/BLC/MASK)

Here, I’ll present a list of CCTV Camera Technical Terms. So you can make the most out of your surveillance systems by understanding some technicalities about them. Because you know every using an electronic device has its perks, so you should be aware of such perks if your wish to fully benefit from them.

List of CCTV Camera Technical Terms

CCTV Camera Technical Terms

1. WDR

WDR aka Wide Dynamic Range Cameras are used where there’s a high density of light. In areas where it’s hard to contrast the levels for conventional cameras, WDR helps you contrast the lighting levels according to your needs. In simple words, where there’s sunlight, you should be using a WDR supported camera. So you could watch things clearly without a low contrast level.

2. HLC

HLC (Highlight Compensation) is an application used to capture the objects that are sources of light. For instance, light bulbs or street lights where it is hard for the cameras to focus on a specific object. Even you can use HLC to capture a car with its headlights turned on, because it reverses the bright light effects with low contrast or darkness.

3. BLC

BLC stands for Backlight Compensation, it is used to adjust light levels coming from the background. It slightly darkens the objects in the middle of a live feed to capture what’s really going on in the background. It is used in offices or apartments where there’s more sunlight. And it also delivers high-quality live feeds from CCTV cameras.

4. CCTV Masking

CCTV Masking is used to bypass some locations from the live feeds. It is one of the CCTV Camera Technical Terms that are preferred by offices and house owners who want surveillance cams to invade their privacy. But surveillance masking isn’t like a walk in the park, so if you are willing to benefit from this facility, try contacting an engineer to get this job done perfectly.

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