2 Different Categories Of CCTV Cameras – CCTV Camera Type

In the surveillance industry, there are different CCTV Camera Types. These different types of CCTV cameras are used in different types of projects. Moreover, multiple types of CCTV Cameras can also be used in a single project. However, if you don’t understand the difference between CCTV camera types, then you may purchase inaccurate cameras according to your requirements.

This will be a huge mistake and can lead to a huge disaster for the project manager. The CCTV Camera Type is a huge category or topic and CCTV cameras can be classified on various points. However, the basic logic behind this article is to make sure that all of our viewers and reader get more than basic knowledge regarding CCTV Camera Type. First, I will explain about CCTV Camera and then all of its types.

What Is A CCTV Camera?

A CCTV system allows the user to use video recording cameras to monitor the interior and exterior of a property. The camera transmits the signal to the DVR which is connected to a monitor or a set of monitors. These videos are recorded and stored on a hard disk. The person sitting behind the monitor or set of monitors can easily monitor the security of the said premises.

What does CCTV stand for?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television.

CCTV Camera Type

CCTV Camera Types

Outdoor Camera/Bullet Camera

A bullet camera is specifically designed for outdoor usage. This type of CCTV camera is mostly mounted on ceilings or walls. The rugged design of these cameras is suitable for outdoor usage in tough weather conditions. Moreover, this type of camera is generally IP 66 rated which means then these cameras can handle rain, humidity, heat, and have dust resistance.

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Dome Cameras/Indoor Cameras

Dome Cameras have a small design and are normally used for indoor surveillance. However, these cameras come with IP 66 rating. This means, that these cameras have resistance against harsh weather conditions. Some people also used these cameras for outdoor surveillance. The name Dome comes from its design, These cameras came in metal and plastic bode and are mostly used indoor places like shops, garages, warehouses, and other places.

Analog CCTV Camera

Analog CCTV cameras record images to a digital recorder which then converts the video to a digital format. To view the video of the analog camera, a DVR is required to be connected to a monitor or router to broadcast through an internal network for remote access.

High Definition (HD) CCTV Camera/IP Camera

High Definition (HD) CCTV camera is very similar to Analog CCTV cameras. However, This camera can transmit digital signals by using both Co-Axial or Cat5/Cat 6 Cable. Furthermore, if we use Cat 5/Cat 6 cables, then the camera will be called an IP CCTV camera.

Note: IP cameras are both wired and wireless. Moreover, they are also capable of transmitting video over the internet. However, IP cameras are very easy to install because they require less cable.

Advance CCTV Camera Type

Wired CCTV camera

Wired CCTV camera uses a wire to transmit the video signal from the CCTV camera to the monitor. We can use Co-Axial Cable, Cat5 cable, or Cat-6 Cable for this process. The wired camera can be of any type like analog camera, Dome camera, or even bullet camera.

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Wireless CCTV Camera

An IP camera is used as a wireless CCTV camera, these devices require a wireless device to transmit video signals. Some of the wireless devices are radio devices, wireless access points, wifi routers, wifi extenders, etc.

PTZ Camera Or Speed Dome Camera

PTZ Camera Or Speed Dome Camera gives the user the ability to move the camera in any direction. The full form of PTZ is pan-tilt-zoom. This means that you can pan(move left and right), tilt(move up and down), and zoom(digital + optical zoom). There are two types of PTZ cameras HD camera and IP camera.

Varifocal CCTV Camera

Varifocal CCTV Camera has the ability to zoom-in or zoom-out of any object. This can be done by using HD, Analogue, or IP Cameras. Moreover, you can also get a camera that offers an optical zoom option.

Artificial Intelligence CCTV Camera

Artificial Intelligence CCTV Cameras are using the latest technology and have a bright future. These cameras can think like humans and can track any person or object without the help of any hands. You can learn more about Artificial Intelligence CCTV Camera by clicking on the link.

CCTV Camera Type

Day-Night Camera

This type of camera are using IR Led to record footage at night time. Moreover, the image captured at night time is black and white. If you want a good quality night vision camera then you should look for good quality IR Led. 940nm IR Led has good quality but you can find something in your price range.

Thermal CCTV camera

Thermal CCTV cameras are mostly used in harsh weather conditions or in factories for keeping an eye on the reactor for pre warnings. Thermal CCTV camera uses Thermal Imaging Sensors to see even in pitch dark places. Moreover, if you are a person who requires high-level security then Thermal CCTV cameras are for you. You can easily see an object from a distance if the temperature of the object is hotter or colder than the environment.

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CCTV Camera Type

Hope-so you can take advantage of this article and learned a lot about CCTV Camera Type. Thank you for your time.

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