Configure “HikVision FTP Server” – HikVision FTP Server Address

How to configure Hikvision FTP server address. HikVision is the top IP Camera manufacturer and surveillance provider in the industry. Their services are incredible, from the hardware to the software they nailed it in every field. They have a massive number of clients to whom they are providing services. File transfer protocol is commonly known as FTP server a remote PC on which you can store the data by utilizing document exchange protocol. The CCTV FTP server is utilized to store the CCTV recording with a particular end goal to anchor the support. Hikvision FTP server address is the address of FTP server which can be configured in the Hikvision devices like NVR/DV.

Why we need a HikVision FTP Server Address?

There are two ways to utilize the Hikvision FTP server address. One is the security reason, the CCTV recording is extremely touchy extraordinarily when it requirements to confirm. So, when the CCTV recording put at the FTP server then it is sheltered and effectively open. The second need appears when you have to store your account for a significant lot of time.

When you have an FTP server then you will get four acknowledgments

  • FTP have address
  • The FTP username
  • FTP secret word
  • Port number

FileZilla is a decent FTP customer programming and it is free. It is the essential element of the procedure. You can download the File Zilla FTP Customer Programmer through the provided link without any lengthy procedure.

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How to get HikVision FTP Server Address

First Step: Launch FileZilla Software on your computer after installation. A screen like the below screenshot will appear in front of you.

How to configure Hikvision FTP server address

Second Step: Now open your Hikvision device using Chrome or Internet Explorer. Go to the Network>Advance Setting. Here you find an option FTP. Click on that and will find the screen below.

How to configure Hikvision FTP server address

Third Step: Go to the Anonymous option. Here you can fill Hikvision FTP server address and other credentials. Click on the Test button. If Configuration got successful then save it. Otherwise, you should detail what you fill.

Fourth step: Go to the Storage option. In the Record, Schedule fills all the boxes for permanent recording.

How to configure Hikvision FTP server address

  1. Go to the Capture option on top.
  2. Here you can set all the parameters for the picture for the FTP server.
  3. Click on the Save button after completing the Step

Final Step: Connect using FileZilla and check your FTP account. Now you can start to find the snapshot on the Hikvision FTP server.

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