How To Configure Hikvision IP Camera With NVR

Several set of instructions needs your attention to understand How To Configure Hikvision IP Camera With NVR. Many users are troubled when it comes to connecting an IP camera with Hikvision NVR. So if you are having the same troubles, use the drafted guide to complete this task with ease.

How Do I Configure Hikvision IP Camera With NVR?

To Configure Hikvision IP Camera With NVR, you need to find the gateway of your local network. If you are using Windows PC, you need to launch the cmd utility using the search bar. Aftward, execute the “ipconfig” command. Now you’ll be allowed to view the default gateway, IP address, & subnet mask. Do remember the default gateway to you connect IP cameras with Hikvision NVR.

You know that an NVR is supposed to help you watch the live feed and record videos from it. But to benefit from this facility, you need to ensure your IP camera is fully configured with the network video recorder. You can assist yourself with the following steps to successfully configure your IP cam.

  1. Download HiTools
    Visit the official website of Hikvision to download a desktop client that supports connection with your IP cameras. And after downloading the setup file, run it to install the software.
  2. Connect IP Cam With HiTools
    After successfully installing the software, launch it and allow it to detect your IP cameras. Do ensure that your IP cameras stay connected with the same network.Configure Hikvision IP Camera With NVR
  3. Customize IP Address
    Change the IP address of your IP cameras according to your Hikvision NVR. You can use the installed software to get this job done. If you are logging in for the first time, remember that the default username and password is 12345.
  4. Locate Connected IP Cameras
    Right-click on the screen of your NVR and select Add IP Camera. Now you’ll be allowed to view the list of cameras that are connected currently.Screenshot 6 1
  5. Add More Cameras
    If your cameras are connected with the same network as your NVR, then you can connect another camera by simply clicking on the Add button. The NVR will then detect the missing cameras and connect them instantly.Screenshot 7 1
  6. Acess Live Feeds
    From the available list of IP cameras, open a camera whose live feed you wish to watch.Screenshot 8
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