How To Connect TVT DVR Online

Read the drafted instructions to learn How To Connect TVT DVR Online. So you can watch the live streams from TVT DVR online without having to be near your surveillance system. And you’ll not be required to pay any extra charges if you benefit from a surveillance client we have recommended.

How Do I Connect TVT DVR Online?

Thanks to the P2P connection, you can watch TVT DVR Online. You just have to imply several workarounds to complete this task with ease. You just have to ensure that NAT is enabled from your DVR/NVR. Because it enables you to connect your digital recorders over the internet.

Before moving forward, I want you to acknowledge that to connect TVT DVR Online, you need the assistance of a mobile client known SuperLive Plus. The app’s totally free and gives you the power of controlling your TVT IP Cameras remotely.

  1. Get DNS & IP Address:
    From your DVR, check the following checkboxes of “Obtain an IP address automatically” & “Obtain DNS automatically”Connect TVT DVR Online
  2. Turn On NAT:
    Navigate to Start >> Settings >> NetworkNAT. Now select the Enable option and choose a NAT server ( is the default address). After picking NAT settings, close the windows after saving the changes. You can also scan the QR-Code available on your DVR through a Mobile Client. But only if you are willing to log in on your mobile device.
  3. View NAT Status:
    To view the network status, go to Start >> Settings >> Network Status. Now view as if NAT is enabled or not.
  4. Configure Mobile Client:
    Download & install SuperLive Plus on Android. After installing the app, launch it on your handheld device. From the home interface of SuperLive Plus, you need to tap once on the Add Device button and select Scan QR-Code. Now on your DVR, open Start >> Settings >> System Information >> Basic to view the QRCode of DVR. Once you have scanned the code, login by entering your TVT account credentials.
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That’s all CCTV Team has got on How To Connect TVT DVR Online.

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