How to Connect TVT IP Camera using TVT IP Tool – Free Download TVT IP Tool

How to Connect TVT IP Camera using TVT IP Tool? It is our today’s topic. That’s a simple procedure and no one will face any hurdle by following its self. TVT IP camera (short for IP-CAM) is designed for high-performance CCTV solutions.TVT adopts state-of-the-art video processing chips. It utilizes the most advanced technologies, such as video encoding and decoding technology, which complies with the TCP/IP protocol, SoC, etc to ensure this system more stable and reliable.

How to Connect TVT IP Camera using TVT IP Tool

Step 1. Download TVT IP Tool

Download IPTV Tool

Before moving ahead you ought to need to introduce an IP camera apparatus. Download from the above-given link. This is a secure method to download IP devices. The file size is 14MB, so it doesn’t require some expense. After the completion of downloading, Double snap on the arrangement and introduce it on your PC. Presently move to the ahead stage.

Step 2. Launch the IP tool

Ensure the PC and IP-Cam are associated with the LAN and the IP-Tool is introduced on the PC.  Double snap the IP-Tool symbol on the work area to run this product as demonstrated beneath.


Step 3. Alter the IP address from Stock

The default IP address of this camera is Snap the data of the camera recorded in the above table to show the organization data on the correct hand. Set the IP address and door of the camera and ensure its organization address is in a similar neighborhood network portion as the PCs. If it’s not too much trouble, change the IP address of your device as per the reasonable circumstance.

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Connect TVT IP Camera using TVT IP

For example, the IP address of your computer is So the IP address of the camera shall be changed to 192.168.1.X. After modification, please input the password of the administrator and click the “Modify” button to modify the setting.

Step 4. Launch the IP Camera

Double-tap the IP address and afterward the framework will spring up the IE Browser to interface IP-CAM. IE Browser will auto-download the Active X control. Subsequent to downloading, a login window will spring up as demonstrated beneath. The info the username and the secret key to sign in.

Connect TVT IP Camera using TVT IP

The default username is “admin”; the default password is “123456”.

Step 5. Final Step

Connect TVT IP Camera using TVT IP

After putting the IP address, IE asks to install an ActiveX component, Install it. Now put the username and password and a press login button. All done, you got the live preview of the camera.

That’s how you Connect TVT IP Camera using TVT IP Tool.

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