How To Create Hikvision DVR Backup

Multiple workarounds need your attention to Create Hikvision DVR Backup. Because it is possible for you to backup your Hikvision DVR files into a USB drive. And here, we will also talk about the backup tool required to encrypt the backup files to protect them from the hunter’s eye.

How Do I Create Hikvision DVR Backup?

  1. Login
    You must perform a successful Hikvision Login. On the contrary, the default username is admin and the passcode is 12345. You can log in through the admin panel.Create Hikvision DVR Backup
  2. Export Menu
    From the main interface, navigate to Menu >> Export. The provided interface will now show you a list of cameras connected with your Hikivision DVR that are ready for backup.Screenshot 11 4
  3. Camera Selection
    After getting the list of cameras, select a camera for which you want to create a backup. Here, you are also allowed to select other options like File Type, Record Type, and Record Mode.
  4. Date & Time
    Now you need to select from which date & time period you wish to create a backup. So you have to select the start and end time to be specific.Screenshot 12 2
  5. Insert USB
    After making appropriate selections, insert your USB drive. Once your pen drive is connected successfully, click on the Quick Backup link. Thereafter, allow the export process to complete in peace.Screenshot 13 2
  6. Check If It Works
    Once the Hikvision DVR Backup is completed, insert your USB drive into your computer. After that, check if the backup file is working or not. And if it’s not working, you’ll be required to export the same backup file again into your pen drive.Screenshot 14 1
  7. Hikvision DVR Backup Software
    A program named VSPlayer is available in the market. It serves several purposes like creating an encrypted backup file, editing recorded media, playing media from the backup, etc. You can get this software from here.
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