Fiber vs Wireless Comparison in CCTV Installation

To understand Fiber vs Wireless Comparison in CCTV Installation, you are required to consider some aspects. Because the installation of your whole CCTV system depends on it. You can’t compromise any facility required for a quality live feed. So here, I’ve listed some of key point to help you acknowledge the pros and cons of fiber & wireless CCTV.

Fiber vs Wireless Comparison in CCTV Installation

In my opinion, you should acknowledge the terms fiber and wireless separately. Because this will help you fully understand how these two different mechanisms work and then how they differ from each other. So for your convenience, I’ve added a simple explanation to these terms.

Optical Fiber

An optical fiber is supposed to transmit data in the shape of light. Well, its speed isn’t quite the same as light, but it does a pretty well job in transferring data from one device to another. The major reason for using it instead of copper wiring is that it’s glass wires. Such wires are a bad conductor of electricity and work well in places where there are chances of external interferences

There are two kinds of optical fibers in the market. One is called the Single-mode optical fiber that is preferred in long-distance CCTV installation. It is costly but works effectively in transmitting data fastly due to its small diameter. And sometimes you also need to install a booster with it, to fasten the data transmission rate.

The second kind is a multimode optical fiber. It is used in smaller areas and because of its bugger diameter, it’s not much expensive. And you don’t need a booster for increasing the data transmission rate. So its installation is more reliable and you never have to worry about any signal loss.

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Fiber vs Wireless Comparison in CCTV Installation


The term wireless is quite self-explanatory. So all you have to acknowledge is that it works on a radio frequency of 3kHz to 300kHz. Different kinds of wireless devices are available to meet the different requirements of users. You just have to consider some aspects like frequency, temperature, input, and transmitting range while getting a Wireless CCTV Camera. Here are some wireless cameras that I think you should try:

  1. Ubiquiti litebeam
  2. Ubiquiti Nano beam
  3. Ubiquiti Nano Station
  4. Ubiquiti Power Beam
  5. Ubiquiti Power Beam AC ISo

That’s all CCTV Team got to help you regarding Fiber vs Wireless Comparison in CCTV Installation.

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