Hik-Connect Connection Failed – Solution

In this article, I am going to tell you about the Hik-Connect Connection Failed error and how you can easily resolve it. Hik-Connect services are the best way to remotely see the surveillance footage of your CCTV cameras. Access Hikvision IP cameras, DVRs, and NVRs by using Hik-Connect services.

However, sometimes you may face some issues that can prevent you from seeing the Live feed of your CCTV cameras Via the internet. Some reasons cause the Hik-Connect Connection Failed error. Read this article, till the end to find the solution for this type of errors.

What Causes Hik-Connect Connection Failed Error?

Whenever we set up a Hikvision IP camera on a local network to have remote access to the surveillance footage. We have to make sure that we configure the Hikvision IP camera accurately. So, the devices can easily communicate with each other, and Hik-Connect servers.

The Hik-Connect Connection Failed error mostly appears when the devices have a hard time communicating with the Hik-Connect server. This error also means that some configuration settings are missing or the internet may not be working properly.

Here is a list of some errors that can cause the Hik-Connect Connection Failed error.

  • Make sure that the Hik-Connect server is enabled on the device.
  • Check the internet connection.
  • A Firewall can block communication.
  • Make sure your DNS setup is accurate.
  • Usage of Non-official Hikvision device.

How To Resolve Hik-Connect Connection Failed Error

Check Cables And LAN Connectors

Make sure that the LAN connectors of the cable are properly punched. If you have an IP tool then you can use it to check the LAN connections. However, if you don’t have any tool, then you can always use the manual method by following the colored wire to the connecting point and check if the connection is properly punched.

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Check IP Configuration

Check your IP configuration and make sure that your IP is correct according to your local IP range or router series. Also, check Subnet mask, Check DNS server, and also check default gateway (important). All of these options are located at the same place. Here is how you can access these IP settings.

GO to Menu => Configuration => Network => General. Now check IP, Gateway, and DNS server.

Hik-Connect Connection Failed

IP Address Conflict

Make sure that the IP address you are using is not conflicting with other devices. The best way to analyze IP address conflict is by removing the LAN cable from the DVR or NVR. And ping the same IP with DVR or NVR. If you receive a reply then it means that your IP address is conflicting with another device.

Change the IP address to remove this issue. If you don’t know how to check the IP address conflict by pinging the device, then follow these easy steps.

  • Press the Windows button on your Laptop or computer that is connected to the DVR or NVR.
  • In the search bar type “CMD” and open the Command prompt.
  • Here type “ping 192.168.xxx (your device IP address) and hit enter.
  • Check if you receive a reply or not.

If you receive a reply then it means that your device is conflicting with another device. If there is no reply then there is no conflict.

Enable Platform Access/Hik-Connect Service

Make sure that Platform access or Hik-Connect services are enabled. Here is how you can do it Go to Menu => Configuration => Network => Advanced Settings => Platform Access.

Hik-Connect Connection Failed

Check Firewall

Sometimes firewalls restrict the application from reaching the servers, Make sure that there is no active firewall on your computer or router that is blocking the communication between devices.

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