Hikvision DVR Backup – How to retrieve data 2021

Hikvision DVR Backup. Today we will teach you how to retrieve data from Hikvision Backup. The company offers the proper surveillance system with proper backup saved at local and cloud storage too. Learn how to transfer Hikvision DVR Backup to USB Drive.

People want the Surveillance system to secure their homes and office. Hikvision is probably the best band ever in the field. The company is working on every level from small setup to massive size headquarters. Retrieving data from backup is a basic thing that every CCTV camera user you should know. In case, in the future, if you need any recording of a specific date, you can get the clip from the backup

Procedure for Hikvision DVR Backup Retrieving

In the recent article, we told you how to create Hikvision DVR Backup. So, hopefully, you had already gone through our previous guide where we wrote about the procedure on how to create HikVision DVR Backup. Especially we are assuming that you had attached a USB or memory card reader to the DVR. Now it’s time to reject the USB drive from the DVR back.

HikVision DVR Backup

  1. Deject the USB from the back of the DVR.
  2. Plugin the USB to your computer.
  3. Open the files in the USB and here you will see all the recordings that are saved by Hikvision DVR to USB.

Hikvision DVR Backup Software

A program named VSPlayer is available in the market. It serves several purposes like creating an encrypted backup file, editing recorded media, playing media from the backup, etc. You can get this software from here.

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