How To Choose The Best CCTV Camera Lens

We will help you Choose The Best CCTV Camera Lens. So if you are looking for a CCTV Camera Lens Guide, we have got you covered. Because here, we will discuss some camera lens tricks that’ll help you make the most out of your surveillance cams. So we insist you keep reading this article until you get what you are looking for.

How Do I Choose The Best CCTV Camera Lens?

Choose The Best CCTV Camera Lens


Aperture is the piece of equipment used to focus on things from the live feeds. It is measured in F-numbers, so users can acknowledge whether if their aperture is higher or lower. Now for your assistance, try getting a lower aperture where there’s less light. But if you want to install a camera outside your property where there’s sunlight, try using a higher aperture.


Iris helps your CCTV camera’s aperture to receive a suitable amount of light. Because you don’t want things to become lighter or darker in the live feeds. So for an indoor camera, try getting a camera with a fixed iris. But for outdoor cameras, use adjustable iris to benefit from the camera’s aperture righteously.


FOV aka Field of View indicates how far you get to view from your CCTV cameras. For example, if you are willing to cover more areas with wide-angle, you need a lens with high FOV. But if you wish to see further in your live feeds, using a lens with low FOV is what you should get from the market.

Focal Length

A camera’s focal length plays an important role regarding our topic to Choose The Best CCTV Camera Lens. Users need to select focal length depending upon the area on which they are installing cams. Meaning, if they are installing cams outside, using less focal length will be helpful, so they can cover more area in live feeds.

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As for users who are installing CCTV cameras inside the property, using a higher focal length would be best. So they get to benefit from the wider angle and watch the whole halls with one camera.

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