How To Connect TVT IP Camera To TVT NVR

You can Connect TVT IP Camera To TVT NVR through an IP Address. So every user is required to follow some protocols to get this job done. But one of the mandatory precautions for connecting IP Camera with NVR is that the IP address of both devices should be of the same series. As the default IP address of cameras is “”, you are allowed to use an IP Tool to configure it depending upon your NVR’s IP Address.

How Do I Connect TVT IP Camera To TVT NVR?

  1. Enter the subnet mask and IP address of your TVT NVR. Please do ensure that the entered IP address is according to your local network.Connect TVT IP Camera To TVT NVR
  2. It’s time to configure your IP Camera’s IP Address. Use the provided IP tool to configure it depending upon your NVR’s series. For instance, if your NVR’s IP starts from 192, your camera’s IP should also start from the same series of numbers. You need to implement the same procedure for connecting your TVT IP Cameras one-by-one.
  3. Navigate to Settings >> Network. Now you’ll be allowed to view the list of connected IP cameras. From the settings tab, you’ll be allowed to edit your camera’s IP address, view live feeds, make customizations regarding live feeds, etc. And while viewing the list of connected cams, please do ensure that every camera has a different IP.Screenshot 6
  4. Users are also allowed to connect cameras manually if only their NVR is unable to detect them. For that, they’ll be required to click on the Add Manually link that available inside the Add Camera menu. Here, enter the righteous details required to add a new device. Like entering IP Address, username, password, protocols, etc.Connect TVT IP Camera To TVT NVR Manually
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That’s all for now on the guide on How To Connect TVT IP Camera To TVT NVR. For your knowledge, everyone is allowed to connect IP cameras from Hikvision and Dahua with TVT NVR. All they have to do is configure their camera’s IP according to their TVT NVR.

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