How To Install An Access Control System – Complete Installation

In this guide, I am going to explain the method to install an access control system. Before I explain the installation method there are few things that you should know about the access control system. Moreover, there are multiple variants of access control systems available in the market.

Furthermore, I will explain all types of installation methods of access control systems. Do you know what is access control system? If the answer is no! then, An Access control system is a system that is used to restrict the user to access a physical place or informative objects.

Moreover, When a user wants to take the access the system or information, then he or she needs to take permission from the admin of the access control system. Further in the article, I am going to explain the working of an access control system. Here is what you need to know about.

Install An Access Control System

Working Of An Access Control System

The working of an access control system is very easy and simple to understand. Three main components work simultaneously in the access control system. The first component is the controller, the main purpose of a controller is to communicate between the users (reader) and the physical lock.

The second component is the reader, the function of a reader is to authenticate and to provide access to authorized personal only. The last component is the electronic lock when the reader has authenticated then it gives the physical lock a green light, which then allows the person to have physical access.

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When a user wants to access a physical location then he or she has to authenticate to the reader. Then the reader communicates with the controller and then the controller checks the authenticity of the user and sends the information to the physical lock to unlock or remain lock if the authentication fails.

Types Of Access Control System

There are two types of Access Control System which are available in the market.

With Controller: The Access control system in which a controller is used for controlling the readers and the locks.

Without Controller: The Access control system in which all readers and the locks working individually without the help of a controller.

Install An Access Control System With Reader

To install an access control system with reader, there are three main components known as Lock, Reader, and Controller. Here is the complete installation method with pictures for easy installation.


You need to run a cat6 cable from the door to the server room or the security room where you will install the controller. Moreover, you also need to run a second cat6 cable which will runs from the lock to the reader. We highly recommended that you should use cat6 cable because it is more durable for this type of installation.


Install all of the locks on the doors. However, make sure that all of the locks are aligned perfectly to the hole of the lock otherwise you can face a huge problem in opening and closing the door. Furthermore, install readers on the access points and also install the controller in the server room or the security room.



This is the most important part, if you make any wrong connection then the access control system will not work as it should. Moreover, it can appear as the access control system is working perfectly however, due to the wrong connection you may face bugs like unauthorized access to the room and many others.

Connections Between Lock And The Reader


First of all, connect the power wires with the controller by using two wires with different colors. In the picture shown below, I have used red and black wire for power. Remember, never switch on the power supply while you are in the installation phase.

Install An Access Control System


For the lock installation, you have five-wire in the lock with different colors. Leave all of the wires except those two which are used for the power. In the picture shown below, the red and black color wires are used for the power of the lock. So, connect the red wire to the “NC” port of the controller and the black wire with the ground of the power supply.

Install An Access Control System

Connect Reader With Controller

To connect the reader with the controller there are four wires of different colors. Two wires are for the power and the other two wires are for communications. So, connect the black and the red wire with a 12v power supply and connect the other wire with the ground. Now connect the other two wires with 485+ and 485- ports, same as marked on the reader.

Install An Access Control System

This is how you can Install An Access Control System.

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Hope-so you can take advantage of this article and learned how you can Install An Access Control System. Thank you for your time.

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