Lift Camera Installation And Issues Faced

Usage of Lift Cameras is an essential part of any big project. For security reasons of customers or residence in an apartment building or a hotel. Lift Camera Installation is very basic, however, most people don’t install Lift Cameras because there are multiple issues that have to be resolved.

Moreover, Lift Camera Installation and maintenance are also very expensive due to some issues. However, I will provide you with a simple solution that can resolve most of the issues faced in Lift Camera Installation. Camera Installationoreover, this solution will also reduce the cost of maintenance of Lift Cameras.

Issued Faced While Lift Camera Installation

Area: The area of the lift is very small, finding the perfect location for placing the right camera may be impossible if you don’t have experience installing CCTV cameras in a lift. Mostly area where the CCTV camera is placed is covered with a thin layer of the metal sheet.

Wiring: If you are installing a CCTV camera in a lift, then you need a lot of wiring. Because the cable connecting to the CCTV camera has to move from the top of the building to the basement. If the building has a lot of floors then you need to have wiring more than the height of the entire building. For Example 20 or maybe 30 floors.

Wire Replacement: The wiring used while Lift Camera Installation is always in motion. This wire travels from floor to floor every time someone calls the lift to their floor. There are high chances that your wire might get damaged. Even after you take a lot of precautions or follow safety protocols there is still a chance, that your wire might break.

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Lift Camera Installation

Easy Solution For All Above Said Issues

To easily remove all of the issues mentioned above regarding the installation of a CCTV camera in a lift. This one easy solution can fix all of your problems. Enjoy a hassle-free Lift Camera Installation by using the solution provided below. Without taking any more of your time here is the solution.

The main thing we have to focus on is the area, that the camera has to cover. For this I recommend you to use a FishEye panoramic IP POE camera. You can purchase this type of camera of any brand of your choice, depending on your price range. Moreover, try to get the camera with the following specifications.


Image sensor 1/2.9*CMOS
Electronic Shutter 1/25s ~ 1/100000s
Lens 1.07mm @ F2.5, Horizontal Field Of View: 180* (Wall Mounting) 360* (Ceiling Mounting)
Day and Night ICR
WDR Digital WDR
Digital NR 2D/3D
Slow Shutter Yes

Compression Standard

Video Compression H,265 / H.264 / MJPEG
Encoding Type VBR (Five level adjustable) / CBR
Smart Encoding Support Low Bitrate, Low delay, Support ROI coding & SVC technology. Support Self-adaptive transition bitrate as the network environment.
Video BitRate 64 Kbps ~ 16 MKbps
Audio Compression G.711A / G.711Mu
Audio BitRate 8Kbps ~ 48Kbps

Once you have got the CCTC camera of the above-said specifications, then you need to pair and connect the Wireless device. Place one end of the pair at the roof of the lift. And place the second pair at the top of the ceiling of the lift cabin. Now pair both of the devices and connect the CCTV camera which is placed inside the lift.

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Lift Camera Installation

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