Long-distance CCTV Installation Using Video Balun

In this article, I am going to explain the method for Long-distance CCTV Installation Using Video Balun. If you want to mount a CCTV camera at a distance from the monitor, where you want to watch the CCTV recording. The Video Baluns are a great solution to send a composite video signal to the monitor.

Moreover, the usage of video baluns is cost-friendly and is relativity easy to install. Moreover, video baluns are commonly used on video surveillance projects, in which Analogue cameras and DVRs are used. Learn about Video Balun and how to perform Long-distance CCTV Installation Using Video Balun.

What Is a Video Balun?

Video Balun is a device, that is used for extending the signal of CCTV videos for Long-distance CCTV Installation using Video Balun. Moreover, Video Balun adapts the type of connection to allow the use of UTP (Unshielded Twisted pair) cable. These cables then transmit the video signal for long-distance video monitoring.

The Balun word is derived from the terms Balanced/Unbalanced. Because video Balunes can convert the unbalanced video signal to balanced. Once the video signal is balanced, then it is easy to transmit the video signal for long-distance installation. This is due to less external interference.

There are multiple types of Video Baluns for CCTV. However, they all vary from one price point to another. Moreover, the quality of video baluns also varies at each price point. Note: Low-quality video baluns can compromise the video quality, and you may see images and videos that are not good enough for the security of the site.

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Long-distance CCTV Installation

Types Of Video Balun

Passive Balun

This type of Baluns can not boost signals and don’t require any power. A passive balun is used for converting the signals to run on Cat5e or Cat6 cables. With Passive Baluns you can run a wire of around 200-300m. Moreover, this depends on the quality of the analog signal, the cable used, and the quality of Video balun used.

Active Balun

This type of Baluns consumes power, which means a power source is required. Active baluns are used for boosting the signals to increase the distance by minimizing external interference. Moreover, depending on the quality of the Active balun you can increase the signal strength to 1200m from the recorder or DVR.

Video Power Balun

By using Video Power Balun, it is now possible to send video and power to the camera using the same Cat5e cable. This can also reduce the cost of running an extra wire to the camera. This type of Video balun requires the usage of RJ-45 connectors.

Long-distance CCTV Installation

Video Power, And Data Balun

Whenever a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera is used, then it is necessary to use Video Power and data Baluns over the Cat5e cable. By using this type of Video balun the camera can be powered, also transmit the video signal, and can also take commands directly from the DVR or a connected joystick.

Long-distance CCTV Installation

Using Video Balun For Long-distance CCTV Installation

As most of us already know that the Coaxial cable has a distance limit of Up to 90 meters. By using a Video Balun we can increase the distance to 200-305 meters. Moreover, all types of Video Baluns work in a pair and are connected to both ends of the Cat5e and Cat6 cables.

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Moreover, Video Baluns also help to reduce unnecessary signals that affect the video quality. The Video Balun can also work on AHD/HD-TVI/HD-CVI technology. Different quality of Video Balun offers different channel strength ranging from one channel, 4 channels, 8 channel, and 16 Channel.

Hope so you can take advantage of this article by Long-distance CCTV Installation Using Video Balun. Thank you for your time.

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