3 Major Problems Faced In CCTV Installation

A surveillance system engineer can encounter several Major Problems Faced In CCTV Installation. Because everything needs to tight and there’s no exception of any error. So what needs to be done is that engineers or property owners should take into consideration the challenges they have to face while installing surveillance systems.

LIST Of Major Problems Faced In CCTV Installation

Major Problems Faced In CCTV Installation

1. Hazy View (Not Clear)

One of the utmost challenges faced in CCTV installation is the Hazy View. When users can’t see things clearly. So in that case, the trouble can be made from the engineering side. Because the whose installing a surveillance system, he should be taking mandatory precautions to protect the system from harm’s way.

There are chances that your live feed can be blurry or anything in it isn’t clear at all. So if that’s the case, you need to take some mandatory precautions to save yourself from any complications. Here, I’ll describe how you can bypass such complications after installing a CCTV system.

a) Video Balun: Rather than using coaxial cable, try using Video Balun. Because these adapters allow you to use CAT5 or CAT6 cabling, so you can get a clearer view of your surveillance cams.

b) Surge Protector: It is possible that because of high voltage you are not getting a clearer view. So to control the voltage provided to your surveillance system, you can use a surge protector. Because its main purpose is to divert the high voltage to someplace where it is needed more.

c) Ensure Earth: Sometimes you need to ensure that the right amount of ground earth is provided to your DVR. It’ll help you bypass the humming error from live feeds. But if ground earth isn’t possible, try giving earth from your cameras to the DVR.

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Decrease Long Distance

Some users install cameras far away from their DVRs. In that case, it’s hard for the DVRs to collect the right amount of bits from your cameras. So if you are willing to install cameras far away from your DVRs, try using CAT6 cables. Else, just try to decrease the long distance between them.

Several DVRs

For users who are installing more than one DVRs, they should try using a CMS. Because it’s the only way possible to view the live feeds from DVRs without any error. They install the CMS of DVRs that allow them to watch the live feeds on computers or laptops. And some live feeds can only be watched on the web using a web browser.

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