5 Common Mistakes Your CCTV Technician Can Make While Installing Cameras

In this article, You can find mistakes your CCTV technician can make. Read this article till the end so you can prepare yourself before you call a technician to install a CCTV camera setup. Most people around the world think that installing a CCTV surveillance system is an easy task. This is true if you are doing it at a low level.

However, if you are installing a CCTV surveillance system for a large company then there are many things that a technician has to overcome to provide flawless services to the client. Here I have provided you guys with both points of view “As a Technician” and “As a client”. This can overcome all of the mistakes your CCTV technician can make.

If you are installing CCTV cameras for surveillance or security then the technician can’t make any mistake. If a technician makes a small mistake, then by the end of the day it is going to become a major issue. And if the employer does not get the perfect footage of the camera, due to this issue then the entire CCTV setup is a total waste for him.

Here are some points that you have to remember as a CCTV technician. These points can help you to enhance your work performance and quality. Moreover, if you are an employer then you can also see whether your technician is doing everything or not. An extra pair of eyes is always helpful.

Mistakes Your CCTV Technician Can Make

5 Common Mistakes Your CCTV Technician Can Make

In this article, I am going to explain 5 common mistakes your CCTV technician can make while installing a surveillance system for your office or home. Without taking any more of your time let’s begin with the first mistake. Moreover, installing a CCTV system is not an easy task if you don’t know much about it, So leave it for the professionals to handle.

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Camera Positioning

The position of the CCTV camera players a major part in the security of a home or a office. For Example, if you want to capture a perfect photo with your phone or a professional camera, you have to take some time in adjusting the camera angle, Aspect ratio, Distance for the object, and many more.

Similarly while installing a CCTV camera system the technician also faces multiple issues, while positioning the camera. If you want your CCTV camera to record the perfect surveillance footage, the technician has to find the perfect location and the angle of the CCTV camera.

Mistakes Your CCTV Technician Can Make

Quantity Of Cameras

When a technician visits any site for inspection, he or she may only check the common area for installing CCTV cameras. This is a huge mistake because it can lead to some blind spots. As a client, you can tell your technician to cover all of the space and install the right amount of camera.

Moreover, if a customer wants to install a limited amount of cameras then you can always suggest your employer. To increase the number of cameras for proper security. However, if you have to work with limited cameras then you can change the camera angles or position for some extra security of the office or home.

CCTV Cameras Wiring Protection

Almost all of us know that wired CCTV cameras depend on the wiring. If the wiring is exposed then the security of the home or office can easily be compromised. If the wiring is exposed, then your security footage can be tempered and you will not get a video for evidence.

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Covering the wiring of your CCTV cameras can protect you from tampering with the footage. Moreover, if your CCTV cameras are placed outdoor then each and every wire that connects the DVR with CCTV cameras must never be reviled. Furthermore, covering all cables of your CCTV cameras can also reduce the service cost and issues.

Mistakes Your CCTV Technician Can Make

Future Planning

This is an important step and most technicians leave this point depending on the site visit. However, it is the technician’s job to ask the client for future expansion of the site or related questions. Because there is always a possibility of expanding the same CCTV camera system.

This step is useful for maintaining the same CCTV setup for a long time. Moreover, this can also improve the relationship between the customer and the technician.

Plan A Survey

Once you have installed a CCTV security system at your home or office. Then the technician has to plan a survey for the next month or any time. This is for checking if your CCTV camera setup is working properly or if you are facing any issues. However, as a technician, you can check the system multiple times for satisfying your customer and to generate more business through client recommendations.

Hope so you can take advantage of this article. To find mistakes your CCTV technician can make. Thank you for your time.

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