How To Remote View Dahua DVR On Android & PC

Read the presented article to Remote View Dahua DVR on Android & PC. Because this application uses P2P technology, you’ll be required to connect your DVR with an internet cable. Using P2P technology helps you bypass the complicated process of configuring your router.

The configuration process of a Wi-Fi router can be complicated. That’s why I’m going to use a method that leads you straight to the point of attention. So you don’t have to implement any extra hassle to get the job, but only perform the simple set of instructions drafted in this article.

How Do I Remote View Dahua DVR On Android?

1. Connect your Dahua DVR with an internet cable and Login with a registered username & password.Remote View Dahua DVR

2. After the successful login, locate & visit the Network Settings tab.Screenshot 11

3. Inisde Mode, select the DHCP bullet and click on the Apply button.Screenshot 12

4. Select P2P Setting from the left pane and check the Enable checkbox from the right pane. And wait until the QR Code starts to appear.Screenshot 13

6. Launch the Dahua app on Android and tap once on the hamburger icon from the left top of the app’s interface.Screenshot 14

7. Navigate to Device Manager >> Wired Device >> P2PRemote View Dahua DVR

8. Scan the available QR-Code from your DVR’s interface.Remote View Dahua DVR on Android

9. After the successful connection, you’ll be allowed to Remote View Dahua DVR On Android.

How To Remote View Dahua DVR On PC?

Many users are unaware of the fact that they can Remote View Dahua DVR On PC by using the SmartPSS software. So there’s no need of using Android emulators to download apps like GDMSS HD/GDMSS Plus/GDMSS Lite for PC. Get the official CMS client from Dahua on PC to start benefiting from the live feeds on your computer. Here are the proper steps to complete the task of Watching Dahua DVR on Computer:

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Remote View Dahua DVR On PC

  • Download SmartPSS on your computer. (LINK)
  • Launch the software and login with your Dahua ID.
  • From the main interface of the CMS, navigate to the Devices tab.
  • Click on Add Device and complete device forum by entering the following info:
    1. Device Name
    2. Method to Add
    3. DVR Serial Number
    4. Group Name
    5. Username
    6. Password
  • After entering the required info, click on the Add button.
  • Wait until the connectivity status turn Online
  • After getting the Online status, navigate to New >> Live View
  • Select your camera feed from the left pane.
  • If you are getting lesser pixel quality of live footage, right-click on that live feed and select Aspect Ratio as 16:9
  • That’s how you get to Remote View Dahua DVR On PC.

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