What Is Lux In CCTV Camera?

The presented article helps you understand What Is Lux In CCTV Camera? Many users confuse this term when it comes to configuring contrast levels during live feeds. Likewise, if you are new to installing a surveillance system, you should be aware of lux rating to help yourself customize the configurations depending upon your needs.

What Is Lux In CCTV Camera?

What Is Lux In CCTV Camera

Lux in CCTV Camera means how good your cam can capture live feeds in a place with low light. That’s why you need to select cameras that support lux. Because not all of the IP cams are compatible with this facility. So in places where there’s dark or where you wish to capture live footage during night, install a camera that supports lux.

While selecting a camera, do keep in mind where you are going to install it. Because a low lux camera is supposed to install on a place where you also wish to watch live feeds in night vision. Else, you also need to check whether if your cameras have IR LED or not. Because a camera with IR LED can be a lot helpful.

The IR LED plays an important role for individuals who wish to watch live feeds at night. Because this piece of equipment plays an important in delivering a night vision that’s clutter-free. However, you should acknowledge a camera with LUX and IR LED consumes more power, so you’ll be required to connect that camera with a separate adapter.

What is Lux Rating?

Lux Rating indicates what amount of lux is required for a good live feed where there are low levels of light. Because of the lesser amount of light you have in a place, you’ll be required to configure cameras with low lux. So you need to select lux rating depending upon the light/contrast levels on a property.

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