How To Configure HikVision Free Cloud Storage – 2021

In this article, I am going to tell you a method that you can use to Configure HikVision Free Cloud Storage. Moreover, HikVision uses multiple cloud storage platform servers for cloud storage. You can select any one of the cloud storage servers and configure it. But first, let’s find out about Cloud Storage.

What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage allows the user to save data and files in an off-site location. Only the user has access to this location, moreover, the user can provide other users the access or can share files by using data sharing links.  You can access cloud storage either through the public internet or by using a dedicated private network connection. The data you transfer off-site for storage becomes the responsibility of the third-party cloud services provider.

Configure HikVision Free Cloud Storage

Hikvision cloud storage is the external storage on a cloud drive like google drive or one drive. Here your DVR or NVR can send the recording files using the internet. Moreover, to configure Hikvision cloud storage you have to connect your DVR or NVR to the internet.

Now follow the steps given below and then you can save your recording on cloud storage. In the following method, I am going to explain using Google Drive. You can follow the same method to configure other Hikvision cloud storage servers. Moreover, I will also tell you about all of the Hikvision cloud storage options at the end of this article.

  • Sign in to Google Drive using your Gmail account. You can also create a new Google Drive account if you want.
  • Access your DVR or NVR on your computer using the local IP address and then using the login information to gain access.
  • Once you have gained access then from the man screen, select “configuration.”
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Configure HikVision Free Cloud Storage

  • In this menu, select “storage” and go to “Storage Management.”
  • Now enable “Cloud Storage” from this menu.

Configure HikVision Free Cloud Storage

  • Now select the cloud storage type for Configuring HikVision Free Cloud Storage.
  • Click on the “Get” button and then sign in using your Google Drive account.

Configure HikVision Free Cloud Storage

If HikVision asks you for permission then grant the permission for Configure HikVision Free Cloud Storage.

  • Now you have to test the server, Go to “Network” and select “Advanced Settings.” Now fill the form using the information provided below.

Server’s Address: Email Address

SMTP Server :

SMTP port : 25

Authentication: Your email username and email password.

Now tap on the Test button. If the test is successful full save the settings. If the test is not successful then don’t save the settings. And check for any mistakes.

Configure HikVision Free Cloud Storage

HikVision Free Cloud Storage Options

This is how you can Configure HikVision Free Cloud Storage. Open your Google Drive account and you will be able to see the recording recorded by your CCTV cameras.

Hope-so you can take advantage of this article and learned how to Configure HikVision Free Cloud Storage. Thank you for your time.

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