Dahua DVR Software for PC, Windows 10 & Mac (Free Download)

Willing to Download Dahua DVR Software for PC? If yes, you have come to the right place. Because here, I’ve provided a safe link of Smart PSS Client for Windows 10 & Mac. You can download and install the CMS on your computer without paying any extra charges. And I’ll also tell you how to watch live streams from Danhua DVR on PC.

Dahua DVR Software for PC Download Free

Gladly, you can download Dahua DVR Software for PC with the help of the provided links. I’ve listed links to Dahua DVR Software for Windows & Dahua DVR Software for Mac individually. So you have no trouble downloading the program’s file depending upon your operating system.

Danhua for Windows

Danhua for Mac

Only downloading Smart PSS for PC’s file isn’t gonna work for you. Because you also need to install it and then configure it to watch live streams on your computer. That’s why I’ve drafted the proper set of instructions required to help you view live feeds from Dahua DVR on Windows PC.

Installation Procedure

  • After extracting the downloaded folder, you need to launch it and perform the following operations:
    1. Select a language of your choice.
    2. Accept the installation
    3. Click on the Next buttonDahua DVR Software for PC
  • On the next tab, you need to select which programs you would like to install. Only the Dahua DVR Software for PC or also the storage software to store files directly from your Dahua DVR on Computer. And after selecting the perspective checkboxes, click on the Next button.Screenshot 6 2
  • Now before clicking on the Install button, you can also select whether you want to change the destination folder and create a desktop shortcut.Smart PSS for PC
  • Once the installation process is completed, you need to check the Run Smart PSS checkbox and click on the Finish button.Screenshot 8 2
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Configure Dahua DVR Software for PC

  • While launching Dahua DVR Software PC for the first time, you’ll be required to add a strong password. After you enter the password, it’ll be assigned to your account whose username will be Admin by default. Now once you have performed Smart PSS Login successfully, you’ll be directed to its main interface.Dahua DVR Software for Windows
  • Now to add a device, you need to click on Devices >> +AddScreenshot 10 2
  • Enter the required instructions i.e; port number, device name, group name, etc. And click on the Add button.Smart PSS for Windows
  • Navigate to the Devices section to acknowledge the status of the connection.Screenshot 12 2
  • From the main interface of Dahua DVR Software for PC, click on the Live ViewDahua DVR Software for Mac
  • Select your desired CAM from the left pane.Smart PSS for Mac

Benefits of Using Dahua DVR Software for PC (Windows & Mac)

Every user gets to benefit from all the great services available in Dahua DVR Software for PC. One of them is remote surveillance, but there are also some facilities that I think you should acknowledge. That’s why I’ve decided to put light on the services that are available in Dahua DVR Software for Windows & Dahua DVR Software for Mac:

  • Control and manage approx sixty-four devices from one client.
  • Two-way communication for users who like to talk with their loved ones.
  • Both H.265 & H.264 codecs are supported by the software.
  • Watch saved videos using the video playback service.
  • Configure your digital recorder’s interface for watching live feeds.
  • Control your PTZ cameras using an on-screen joystick.
  • IVS aka Intelligent Video System allows you to enhance your live streaming experience.
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That’s all CCTV Team has got regarding Dahua DVR Software for PC Download Free. If you have any queries related to our topic here, don’t hesitate to contact us via the comment box. We will reply to your queries as soon as possible and if possible, give you a solution for your perspective troubles.

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