FLIR Cloud For PC Client – 2021 Free Download

In this article, I am going to tell you about FLIR Cloud For PC. Moreover, I will also explain the installation method of the FLIR Cloud Client tool for you FLIR Cloud DVR, NVR, and IP cameras. Furthermore, you can also download the FLIR Cloud Client from this post, without paying a single penny.

Before I provide you guys with the download links and explain the complete installation method of the FLIR Cloud Client software. There are some things that you should know about this fascinating tool. FLIR Cloud For PC is a free utility tool that is used for monitoring the user’s DVR, NVR, and IP cameras directly from the user’s personal PC.

About FLIR Cloud For PC

Flir Cloud Client Software is a free utility tool powered by Lorextechnology. Moreover, Lorextechnology is a US-based CCTV company and offers the most popular CCTV cameras in the USA. If you are using CCTV cameras offered by Lorextechnology, then you have a really good taste for choosing the best product in the market.

Moreover, Using the Flir Cloud Client Software you can find the IP addresses of network cameras. You can also use this tool for resetting the password, in case you forgot it. Furthermore, the password reset tool built-in to the application is free to use and you can easily reset the password. Additionally, this tool is also known as Lorex cloud For PC.

Download FLIR Cloud For PC Client

The following links will allow you to download Flir cloud client software.

  1. FLIR Cloud For Windows Client.
  2. FLIR Cloud For Mac Client.
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Uses Of Flir Cloud Client Software

Here are some of the uses of Flir Cloud Client Software.

  1. Find the IP address of connected devices.
  2. Find the connected DVR and NVR on the same network.
  3. Change the Ip address of the DVR, NVR, and IP cameras.
  4. Modify the passwords of the NVR and the DVR.
  5. Find the number of active devices on the same network.
  6. Get a list of all activated and deactivate devices.
  7. Change the port number on the devices.
  8. Change the forgotten password of NVR, DVR, and IP cameras.
  9. Using FLIR Cloud Client Software you can configure your DVR and NVR on the cloud.
  10. Configure your network cameras.

There are some of the uses of Flir Cloud Client Software. If you want to learn more, then download the Flir Cloud Client Software from the link provided above. Once you have downloaded the Flir Cloud Client Software, then follow the method given below to easily install the software on your device.

How To Install FLIR Cloud Client Software For PC

If you download FLIR Cloud For PC Client Software using the link I have provided. Then you have to extract the files from the Zip folder. Now open the folder that you have extracted. Find the file in this folder and double-click on it. The installation process will start automatically and you will be asked for permission.

  • Once you have provided the permission, then click on the Next button to start the installation.

FLIR Cloud For PC

  • Now click Next on the User License Agreement after accepting it.
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FLIR Cloud For PC

  • On the next page select “FLIRCloudclient” and click Next.

FLIR Cloud For PC

  • On this page select the location where you want to install the FLIR Cloud Client Software.

FLIR Cloud Client software

  • Now click on the “Install” button.

FLIR Cloud Client software

Now the installation process will start, this process will consume some time. Once the installation is complete click on the “Finish” button. A shortcut icon of this tool will appear on the desktop of your PC. Follow the next method to login into your account.


Using the shortcut of FLIR Cloud Client Software, open the application on your PC. The application will ask you for “Username” and the “password”. The log-in information is automatically set as default. Using the application you can change the username and the password if you want.

Username: Admin

Password: Admin

FLIR Cloud Client software

Use this information to log into your account. Moreover, in the next method, I will explain the configuration f this application.

Configuring FLIR Cloud For PC Client

Now the FLIR Cloud Client software is running on your system.

  • Now click on the “Search the device” button to get the IP address of the device.
  • Select the IP address of the device and click on the “Add” button.

FLIR Cloud For PC Client

  • Now a new page will open, here fill in all of the required information and add your device.

FLIR Cloud For PC Client

  • Click on the “Home Page” button on the top left side of the screen.

FLIR Cloud For PC Client

  • Now click on the “Live View” option and watch the live footage of your CCTV cameras.


Q) Is Lorex cloud replacing FLIR cloud?

A) No Lorex cloud is not replacing FLIR cloud. For the Lorex device, a new and improved application has launched which is known as Lorex cloud. This application is made to improve the connectivity ad reliability of the connection. Moreover, the FLIR Cloud app will still work with FLIR branded devices.

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Q) Why is Lorex cloud so slow?

A) If you are facing slow playback issues then check the following setting. This might be the cause of slow playback issues.

  1. Check if you are using the Device ID instead of IP / DDNS for your connection settings.

If you are doing this then you are directing your DVR or NVR to use Lorex by FLIR servers. This limits the data rate and causes slow playback issues.

Q) Did Lorex buy FLIR?

A) This US-based CCTV company completed the acquisition of Lorex and renamed it Lorex by FLIR. Moreover, Lorex was bought by Dahua Technology, Inc. Now it operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary brand.

Hope-so you can take advantage of this article and learned all about FLIR Cloud For PC Client. Thank you for your time.

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