gDMSS Lite For PC – Windows 10 & Mac – Free Download

Get gDMSS Lite For PC and watch the live security footage of your Dahua IP cameras. gDMSS Lite is a remote surveillance software that you can download on your Windows and Mac device. Moreover, this tool offers multiple unique features and functions including PTZ controllers and more.

How To Get gDMSS Lite For PC

There are multiple methods to get gDMSS Lite For PC. In this article, you will find all of the methods for getting gDMSS Lite For Windows, gDMSS Lite For Mac, and gDMSS Lite For Android. Furthermore, I will begin with gDMSS Lite For Windows and will explain the complete installation method of gDMSS software.

gDMSS Lite For Windows

To get gDMSS Lite For PC or gDMSS For PC, we have to use the SmartPSS tool. Using the SmartPSS tool you can connect and view Dahua products without any hassle. Moreover, the first method, that I am going to explain is recommended for Windows users. Because it is the best way to get gDMSS Lite For PC.

First, you have to download the software to get the SmartPSS tool on your Windows system. I have provided you guys with the link that you can use to download the SmartPSS tool for PC Windows. Moreover, You can also visit the official website of SmartPSS to download the same software on your PC.

Download SmartPSS Tool For gDMSS Lite For PC


The installation method of the SmartPSS tool is very easy. Moreover, using this tool you can view the live security surveillance footage of your Duhua IP Cameras. Furthermore, you can easily install this software just like any third-party software. For additional installation support please refer to the link given above.

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gDMSS Lite For PC


After the installation, when you open the software, Windows will prompt you with a Firewall warning, please check both options and click on the “Allow Access” option. The Firewall restricts access to the surveillance tools and software, that is why you have to allow the access.

Now a new screen will open. on this screen, you have to add a password to the software. Please enter a strong password and confirm it by entering it again. Now click on the Next button. On this screen, you to enter or select three security questions. These questions are used to restore the password to the tool in case you forgot the password.

gDMSS Lite For PC

Add Devices

To view the Live security surveillance footage of your Dahua IP Cameras. You have to add your IP cameras to the software. To add your IP cameras you have to click on the “ADD” button at the top bottom of the screen. A pop-up menu will appear. Here enter all of the information accurately. Moreover, here is some of the default information that may come in handy.

Device Name: User choice.

SN: Serial number of the device.

Method To Add: SN(For P2P devices)

Group Name: Default Group.

User Name: Admin.

Password: The password you have created.

gDMSS Lite For Mac

The installation method of gDMSS Lite For Mac is similar to the method of installation of gDMSS Lite For Windows. You can follow the method given above to install gDMSS Lite For Mac. Moreover, the login method is the same and the method to add devices to the software is also the same.

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Furthermore, you can download the gDMSS Lite For Mac from the link given below. The file downloaded to your PC will be in a compressed zip folder. you have to extract the content from the Zip folder. For this, you have to use a third-party tool like WinRAR or any other third-party tool.

gDMSS Lite For Mac

gDMSS Lite For PC Using An Android Emulator

You can also get the gDMSS Lite App for PC by using n Android Emulator. Using this method you can get access to use Android version of the gDMSS Lite application on your PC. Moreover, for its method to work you have to install an Android Emulator on your PC.

gDMSS Lite For PC

I recommend BlueStacks Emulator For Windows devices and Nox App Player for Mac OS devices. First, download the files from their official website and install them just like any other software. Configure the Android Emulator by adding your active Gmail account. Now follow these steps to get gDMSS Lite App on PC.

  • Open the Android Emulator.
  • From the home screen open Google Play Store.
  • Search for gDMSS Lite.
  • Click on the install button.

gDMSS Lite For PC

This is how you can easily get access to the Android version of gDMSS Lite on PC. Moreover, a new icon of the gDMSS Lite app will appear on the home screen. Click on the new icon to start using the gDMSS Lite app on PC. simply login to your account and add your IP cameras to view the live surveillance footage on your PC.

Features Of gDMSS Lite

gDMSS Lite application offers many amazing and unique features. Some features that are included in the application provide additional controls for controlling the recording of video surveillance cameras. Moreover, in the case of suspicious activity in front of the security cameras, the software will notify you instantly.

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Moreover, the best feature of this software is that it provides the easiest method of adding IP Cameras to the software. Even a child can easily add and remove devices to the software. View the recording of all of your Dahua IP Cameras and more with this tool.

Key Feature

Here are some of the key features of gDMSS Lite For PC.

  • High-quality Live security footage.
  • Audio recorded separately from each IP camera.
  • Access PTZ controls.
  • Capture photos while viewing security footage.
  • Instant notifications and alarms.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Easily Add and Remove devices/cameras.

Thank You for your time and keep supporting CCTVTeam.

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