HiLookVision for PC, Windows 10 & Mac (Desktop & Laptop)

Here’s a guide that offers a solution required to Download HiLookVision for PC. You may not be aware of the fact that now it’s possible to connect your HiLookVision cameras on PC without the assistance of any third-party program. Likewise, I’ll also deliver an unofficial method that helps you use this smartphone app’s services on a computer.

How Do I Use HiLookVision for PC (Windows & Mac)?

It is officially possible for you to Download HiLookVision for PC. You can use an iVMS-4200 PC Client on Windows & Mac operating systems. The client is provided by HikVision, so you are not required to pay any extra charges for it. However, I’ll also like to introduce you to the procedure of getting the HiLookVision App for PC. So just get a CMS file depending upon your operating system and then, imply the steps drafted below:

HiLookVision for Windows

HiLookVision for Mac

Installtion of HiLookVision for Windows & Mac

  • From the first tab of the installation wizard, check the agreement box and hit NextHiLookVision for PC
  • Select the features to be installed and an installation folder destination. Afterward, click on the Install button.Screenshot 6 8
  • After the installation progress is completed, you’ll be required to click on FinishScreenshot 7 8

HiLookVision Login

  • Once you launch HiLookVision for PC, you’ll be required to perform a procedure to enable login. For that, “admin” will be the default username and you are allowed to add a password of choice.HiLookVision Login
  • When you have added a strong password, you’ll also be required to add security questions whom answers only you can deliver. So after you have entered the required password protection info, click on the Login button.HiLookVision Login
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Add Devices in HiLookVision for PC

  • From the main interface of the iVMS-4200 PC Client, click on Device >> + AddHiLookVision for Windows
  • Enter the required device details and hit Add
  • After the device is added, you need to navigate to Device ManagementScreenshot 11 8

Live Feeds From HiLookVision for Windows & Mac

  • Now you’ll be asked to enter your registered email ID and password. Once you have entered such credentials, hit LoginHiLookVision for Mac
  • Select the added device from the available listScreenshot 13 7
  • A live view will be shown on the main interface from HiLookVision PCHiLookVision for PC (Windows & Mac)

HiLookVision App for PC (Windows & Mac)

Users who wish to use HiLookVision for PC without BlueStacks should benefit from the above-provided procedure. Because here’s a third-party solution for users who use to use this live video monitoring app on PC. I’ll tell you to emulate Android OS, so you can use Google Play Store for PC.

HiLookVision App for PC

Using BlueStacks gives you the option of installing the HiLookVision App for PC. Because this emulator lets you enjoy your desired smartphone applications on your computer. You just have to download & install it and then start using its services simply right after you launch it on your device.

FAQs About HiLookVision for PC

Q) How Can I Watch HiLook DVR On PC?

A) Using the programs officially associated with HikVision, you can watch HiLook DVR on PC. If you are unfamiliar with such programs, just use the above-provided programs i.e; HiLookVision for PC. The same procedure can help you watch all the live feeds from different channels & ports of your DVR & NVR.

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Q) How Do I Unbind HiLook DVR From PC?

A) From the main interface of HiLookVision for PC, you need to navigate to the Device Management tab. From there, select the DVR that you would like to unbind. Once you have made the appropriate selections, click on the Delete Device button. And if asked, confirm your action by entering your account details.

Q) How To Fix Hik-Connect Connection Failed?

A) The Hik-Connect Connection Failed error is mostly caused because a user has entered the wrong details. So first need to check the entered device details to see if everything’s alright or not. And if the entered details are right, you can visit our guide to fix this error in a couple of seconds.

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