IP Pro for PC, Win10 and Mac11 Laptop – Free Download

IP Pro for PC. It is the surveillance tool that connects the mobile with the IP cameras. Improves your home and office security and transit your household to ease.

Monitoring tools or remote camera apps are relieving the life of people who are using CCTV cameras. People use these for home and office as their security is unconditional these days. An excessive number of people are using cameras not days. So we are suggesting the IP Pro for PC for their ease. IP Pro is the surveillance tool that lets people remotely view their home and office through connected network IP cameras.

IP Pro for PC

IP Pro is so much popular now and it is listed in editors on App Store. It is a peer-to-peer sharing app that connects our smartphone or PC with DVRs. Multiple live videos tab are allowed in this app. We will guide you on how to install IP Pro for PC through different installers.

IP Pro Configuration for Windows

Here is, how you can Configure IP Pro for PC Windows easily.

Users have to use the CMS in order to accomplish this task. After that users will be able to interface with cameras on Computer. There are 2 techniques through which you can complete the procedure of the task. In the first and primary technique, you can set up cameras on your Windows and Mac Computers. This is also the official procedure. In the second one, users have to emulate the Android version of IP Pro for PC.

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How to Download IP Pro for PC

Now go to the save file on your laptop or computer, right-click on that file and choose “Run as administrator“. After doing this, you may see that the permission window popped up asking for permission for the installation of IP Pro for Windows. just click on the “Yes” button and the installation process will begin.

Now the welcome setup wizard comes to you and just simply the “Next” button and you will get a new screen.

IP Pro for PC Step 1

In this window, you need to choose the installation directory for the installation of IP Pro for PC. Click on the “Browse” button and select the directory where you want to install the software. You may also leave it by default and then click on the “Next” button.

IP Pro for PC

Now click on the “Create a desktop icon” and just click on the “Next” button and the new window comes to you.

IP Pro for PC

In this window, just click on the “Install” button and the installation process of IP Pro for Windows will begin.

IP Pro for PC

Wait for some time until the next screen comes. This window may take some time so please have patience.

IP Pro for PC

Now the final window comes to you. Click on the “Launch CMS” and then click on the “Finish” button.

IP Pro for PC

After this, you have successfully installed the setup of IP Pro for PC. Now move to the next step.

Android Emulators Importance

Android emulators are revolutionary software. These are the one who makes possible running 2 operating systems at a time. Now you can run Android on PC systems powered by Mac OS X and Windows. The purpose of this blog is to guide users, select! what is best for business. We have personally tried more than 10 emulators. The best 2 of them are BlueStacks and Nox.

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BlueStacks was the first one to introduce the concept of emulating Android on Windows. It is much fast and stable than its competitors. By using it you can download and install IP Pro for PC. Using IP Pro for Windows BueStacks is the best choice. On the other Nox App Player is the best Android emulator for Mac. So if you want to download IP Pro for Mac then install Nox on Mac.

How to install IP Pro for PC

Anyhow, we are posting the method of both emulators. First, we are going to write down the procedure for downloading IP Pro for windows PC Laptop/Desktop through BlueStacks. Secondly, we will demonstrate a guide to install IP Pro for Mac through Nox App Player. Visit the BlueStacks and Nox App Player official websites to download and install them on Windows or macOS.


  1. Download BlueStacks from the official website, link is mentioned below.
  2. After installation, the BlueStacks starter pack will be launched automatically.
  3. After language, Once you are redirected to the BlueStacks home screen, you will see a Google Play icon there. Open Google Play BlueStacks will demand your Google Account, enter it. Remember, you need to enter an existing Google Account otherwise you have to create a new one before sign-in.
  4. Search for the IP Pro app. Once you found it, open it and click on the install button.

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