Use My Tutorial To Learn How To Download IVMS 4200 on PC And How To Configure It

Learn from the presented article how to download and configure IVMS 4200 on PC. The installation of this software is quite simple, but its configuration is different from the other surveillance systems used on computers. So I’ve decided to assist you on the way of using HikVision Cameras on PC.

How Can I Download & Install IVMS 4200 on PC?

First of all, you need to get a file of IVMS 4200 PC Client. I’ve provided links to this program’s CMS, so you can download & configure it with ease. However, you need to get the program’s file depending upon your operating system i.e; Windows or Mac. After downloading the IVMS 4200 on PC, follow the presented links to install and configure it properly.

Download IVMS 4200 on Windows

Download IVMS 4200 on Mac

Software Installation

  • Launch the downloaded file of IVMS 4200 PC
  • Accept the license to terms & conditions and hit NextIVMS 4200 on PC
  • Make the following selections and click on the Install button:
    • Select the nature of your software i.e; Client, Server Storage, or Stream Media
    • Choose the features to be added in the installed software
    • Select the destination folderScreenshot 7 11
  • Wait until the installation progress completesIVMS 4200 on Windows
  • Now from the last tab, check the following checkboxes and hit Finish
    • Launch iVMS-4200 Client
    • Create Desktop ShortcutsIVMS 4200 on Mac

IVMS 4200 Login

  • Now you need to select a password to secure your account from intruders. For your knowledge, the username by default is “admin” that you can also change in the future.IVMS 4200 Login
  • After entering a secure password, you’ll be asked to select security questions, so only you can benefit from the password reset facility in the future.Screenshot 11 11
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Device Configuration

  • From the main interface of the IVMS 4200 PC, click on the Device Management tab from the right pane.IVMS 4200 Configuration
  • Click on the + Add button and enter your device details to be successfulScreenshot 13 10
  • After adding the devices, do ensure that all the devices are showing Online Status.IVMS 4200 PC Configuration
  • You can view the live streams by navigating to the Live Preview tab.

Benefiting of Using IVMS 4200 on PC

You know that IVMS 4200 on PC allows you to remotely monitor your property using CCTV cameras. It provides live feeds on your computer, so you have the option of keeping an eye on it from a long distance. However, you also get to benefit from a bunch of other services that help you make the most out of your Hikvision cameras on PC.

  • Network Support: Users can enjoy the app’s services on a network of their choice. Because it is totally compatible with 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, and Broadband connections. However, we always recommend you to connect it with a network that’s safe and protected from cybercriminal attacks.
  • PlayBack: Users of IVMS 4200 for PC have the option of watching old-time saved videos. They can use the in-app search facility to locate their desired videos. Because to search for a specific media, you are required to enter its date & time in the search bar.
  • Device Configuration: Every user is allowed to edit, delete, or update a Hikvision camera or DVR at any instance. Because the CMS is designed for individuals who never wish to face any difficulties while performing their desired operations. Because inside the Device Management section, you can view every detail about your devices.
  • Device Groups: If you are unable to handle multiple devices for the program’s interface, you should manage the devices and add them to selective groups. Because only then, you can watch handle your streams without having any worries about any mess. Even you can channel your desired devices inside the DVRs and NVRs.
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That’s all CCTV Team has got regarding how to download and configure IVMS 4200 on PC.

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