MobileFocus for PC, EverFocus Client (Windows 10 & macOS 11)

You’ll be glad to acknowledge that now it’s officially possible to use MobileFocus for PC. Most users think of this app’s services as limited to smartphones, so I’ve decided to deliver an official way to use it on a computer. Here, I’ll discuss a simple method of using EverFocus Client on Windows 10 & macOS.

How Can You Download MobileFocus for PC?

You can use EverFocus Client to benefit from MobileFocus for PC. Because this CMS can help you watch the live stream of your IP cameras on your computer. So here, I’ll provide the least system specifications required to use this client. Afterward, I’ll provide the links to the safe file of EverFocus Client.

Client Specifications

Windows OS System Requirements Mac OS System Requirements
Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit) or above macOS 10.12 or above
v1.5.44 v1.5.34
150 MB 200 MB

EverFocus/MobileFocus for Windows (32-bit & 64-bit)

If you are willing to use MobileFocus for Windows, you can use the EverFocus Client. So you can perform EverFocus Login on your computer without having to perform any extra hassle. Here are the individual links to 32-bit & 64-bit Windows operating system.

MobileFocus for Windows (32-bit)

MobileFocus for PC (64-bit)

EverFocus/MobileFocus for Mac CMS

Gladly, Mac users can also benefit from the EverFocus Client. The developers have made sure that users of major operating systems get to benefit from their products. And here’s the file that leads you towards the installation of MobileFocus for Mac

MobileFocus for Mac

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Required Strategy to Install & Use MobileFocus for PC (Windows & Mac)

Here are the convenient set of instructions required to install MobileFocus for PC. Don’t hesitate to download EverFocus Client from the above-provided links depending upon your operating system. And when you are done downloading a file, perform the following steps to install & use the software properly.

Software Installation

  • Launch the downloaded file of EverFocus Client. Now select a file path by clicking on the Browse button or just click on the Next button.EverFocus Client
  • When asked, allow the software to create a start menu shortcut. You can also create a Quick Launch icon if you want to. So just select the checkboxes and then hit the Next button.MobileFocus for PC
  • Once you see the Ready To Install tab, click on the Install button.Screenshot 7
  • Allow the installation wizard to work peacefully. Thereafter, click on the Finish button.Screenshot 8

Adding Devices

  • Navigate to Group Device Management and click on the Add button.MobileFocus for Windows
  • Now enter the device details such as name, username, port number, etc.Screenshot 10

Note: Default username is admin and no password is set by default.

Remote Video Streaming

  • From the main interface, click on Main ViewMobileFocus for Mac
  • Now start watching the live streams of added IP cameras using MobileFocus for PC (Windows & Mac)Screenshot 12

How MobileFocus & EverFocus Are Related?

MobileFocus is the remote video surveillance app available for Android & iOS devices. But the EverFocus Client is available for the convenience of Windows & Mac device owners. The mobile app and PC client may contain a different interface, but they both serve the same purpose of allowing users to view video streams of CCTV cameras.

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Functionalities of MobileFocus/EverFocus

You can use MobileFocus for PC to benefit from different services related to live video streaming. And because there are a bunch of beneficial services, I would like to discuss them individually.

  1. Instant Notifications
    Whenever someone tries to enter your property or mess with your cameras, you get an instant notification. The applications notify you on your monitoring device as well as sends you an email.
  2. Cross-Platforming
    Every user is allowed to use MobileFocus and EverFocus Client at the same time. No one is required to log out of one device to benefit from the same account on a different device. And the changes implied from one device are implied on all the registered devices.
  3. Pan-Tilt-Zoom
    All types of cameras like PTZ, Bullet, & dot are supported by the app and CMS. So while watching the live feed from a PTZ camera, users are allowed to tilt their cameras and zoom in/out during live feeds.
  4. Remote Services
    Without having to use your DVR or NVR, you are allowed to customize your device’s functionalities & working. There’s no need of doing customizations using your digital recorders, but only use the client’s services to manage all your devices.
  5. Live Stream Options
    A user can use MobileFocus for PC to watch the live video stream of his IP cameras. And if he wishes to watch the live stream with undivided attention, he can view it on a full screen. And while watching live streams, click a snap at any instance.

FAQs About MobileFocus for PC

Q) How Mobile Camera Focus Work?

A) MobileFocus works effectively for users who wish to watch the live streams of their IP cameras. It works with the help of an internet connection, so a user is allowed to access the live feed from a place of his choice. And users are allowed to connect more than one surveillance device with the app.

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Q) How To Set Up MobileFocus Camera?

A) You can set up multiple cameras using MobileFocus for PC. And after logging in with a registered account, all you have to do is hit the Add button and then enter the right device details to add it. Once a device is added, you can navigate into its settings to customize it according to your needs.

Q) MobileFocus Authentication Failed?

A) After the recent MobileFocus update, many users are getting authentication failed errors. And if you are having the same error, you need to uninstall the installed update and then install the older version using the APK method. Still, if you are getting the same error, wait until the developers introduce a new update in the market.

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