NVSIP for PC, Windows 10 & Mac (Free Download)

Keep reading this article to Download NVSIP for PC. But just downloading the file isn’t enough for you, because you also need to install and configure it accordingly. So I’ve decided to guide you on the subject of using this software to perform NVSIP Login on PC for watching live streams.

How Can I Watch Live Feeds From NVSIP for PC?

Gladly, an official NVSIP PC Client is available in the market. You can use the CMS to view live feeds on Windows-supported devices. But if wish to gain the same services on your Mac device, you’ll be required to use the services of a third-party emulator. Don’t worry, I’ll discuss both ways of using NVSIP for Windows and NVSIP for Mac. So you users never get confused while performing the required procedure.

NVSIP for Windows

Installation Steps:

  • Launch the NVSIP Setup file with administrator privileges.
  • On the first interface of its installation wizard, you’ll be required to perform the following operations:
    • Select a language
    • Choose a destination folder
    • Click on the Install buttonNVSIP for PC
  • Now the installation progress will start.NVSIP for Windows
  • Once it’s completed, you’ll get a dialogue box saying whether if you wish to run NVSIP for PC or not.NVSIP for Windows PC


  • Allow the software to gain network privileges, so it could work properly.NVSIP Login on PC
  • Now enter the username as “admin” and select a password or just simply click on the Ok button.NVSIP PC Login

Device Configuration

  • Select Devices from the program’s icon bar.
  • Click on the Manually button and enter the required device details to proceed.NVSIP Configuration
  • If the software can detect your devices on LAN, click on the Refresh button.NVSIP PC Configuration
  • All of your connected devices will start to appear inside the Device List.Screenshot 12 13
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Watch NVSIP Live Feeds

  • Select your connected device from the available list of devices. Right-click on your camera devices and select connect deviceNVSIP for Mac
  • Once the CMS has performed the nesscary operation, you will be allowed to view live feeds from NVSIP for PC.Screenshot 14 12

NVSIP App for PC

Use the services of BlueStacks, if you wish to Download NVSIP for Mac. However, the Android emulator runs perfectly on both Windows & Mac operating systems. So you can use it for emulator Android OS on your favored device. Also, you can use it to watch live feeds on computers for free.

NVSIP App for PC

Individuals can get NVSIP App for PC with the help of an emulator. They can simply use BlueStacks to benefit from Google Play Services on PC. And once they have launched Google Play Store, use it to install the app just like they do on a smartphone. Because the duty of an emulator is to provide an Android interface on a bigger device.


Does NVSIP Support PTZ Cameras?

Yes, users are allowed to control their PTZ cameras from NVSIP for PC. Because its CMS is designed to work with all of the supported devices. So users never have to face any difficulty while watching live videos remotely. Likewise, you get a joystick on the screen to control your PTZ cameras.

Can You Take Screenshots From NVSIP Live Feeds?

Every user is allowed to click a snap whenever he wants to. NVSIP for PC works effectively for users who wish to catch the important parts from their live feeds. Also, it allows you to save your media files directly to device or cloud storage. You are allowed to create a backup of your important files.

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Does NVSIP Support Alarm Notifications?

The developers have added alarm notifications in NVSIP PC, so users can be notified whenever any suspicious activity is done. It gives a straightforward solution to users by clicking a snap of the suspicious activity and then sending an alert instantly. And you are also allowed to enable email notifications.

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