Sannce Cam for PC, Camera Software (Windows 10 & Mac)

You can use a CMS to Download Sannce Cam for PC. But here’s a catch, if you are a Windows OS user, you can implement a direct solution to complete the task. As if you are a Mac device owner, you’ll be required to perform an indirect solution. Here, I’ll discuss possible ways to use this application on Windows & Mac operating systems.

How Can You Download Sannce Cam for PC?

A Sannce Client can help you Download Sannce Cam for PC. It’s the best way possible for viewing Sannce CCTV Cameras on PC. Because then, you are only required to install Client Management Software and start using it according to your needs. And no extra registration is required to use this program.

Sannce Cam for Windows 10/8/7 OS

The good news is that Sannce Cam for Windows can be downloaded directly. You just have to download the client’s file and then follow the instructions drafted in the article below:

Download Sannce Cam for Windows (12MB)


  • After you launch the downloaded file, you’ll be asked to select a software language of your choice. So after selecting a preferred language, click on the Ok button.Sannce Cam for PC
  • On the next tab, you can either select a file destination or simply click on the Next button.Screenshot 6 1
  • Check the appearing boxes if you wish to create a desktop and start menu shortcut.Screenshot 7 1
  • Thereafter, click on the Install button and wait until the installation bar completes.Screenshot 8 1
  • At last, check the Launch Client checkbox and click on the Finish button to close the installation wizard.Screenshot 9 1
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Add Sannce Camera on PC

  • After launching Sannce Camera Software on PC, click on Device Set from the left pane.Sannce Cam for Windows
  • From the newly appearing tab, hit AddScreenshot 11 1
  • Afterward, enter the Sannce Camera details and click on the Ok button.Screenshot 12 1

Watch Sannce Camera on Windows

  • Once you are successful in adding a camera, you can view its live stream on your Windows PC. For that, you need to click on the added device’s name from the left pane of the client’s main interface.Sannce Camera on Windows

Sannce Cam for Mac OS

Unfortunately, no official version of Sannce Cam for Mac is available in the market. But you are allowed to benefit from Android emulators to use this application’s services on Mac devices. For that, you need to get BlueStacks from the provided link and install it. And after launching it on your device, open Google Play Store on it to enjoy Sannace Camera Software on PC.

Sannce Cam for Mac

What is Sannce Cam?

Sannce Cam allows you to control your surveillance system remotely. It lets you connect Sannce DVR to PC as well as control your CCTV cameras with ease. The program’s CMS is available for free, so you can benefit from its services without paying any extra charges. However, you are required to perform a Sannce Login to proceed in watching the live feed of cameras.

App Functionalities

Every user of Sannce Cam for Windows gets to take advantage of tons of beneficial services. The developers of this application want their customers to fully benefit from remote surveillance services, so people can trust their products. That’s why they have added a bunch of good services that I would like to discuss.

  1. Users can log in to benefit from the cloud surveillance services.
  2. Watch videos from the past by using the video playback facility.
  3. No need for an SADP Tool, because a device can be searched directly from the client’s interface.
  4. Only administrators have the privilege of controlling PTZ cameras.
  5. Easily communicate with people near your cameras.
  6. Alarm notifications help users take mandatory precautions whenever something goes wrong.
  7. Customize trigger settings whenever you like to.
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That’s all CCTV Team has to help you download Sannce Cam for PC (Windows & Mac).

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