How to set tour on NVMS1000?. It is security surveillance that supports the top-end cameras with all sensors support. The tool owns multiple qualities and one of that qualities is automatic camera rotation. If you don’t have a proper camera setup and security department that it will be a real deal for you to handle the IP cameras. No one can keep sitting in front of the screens and DVRs to adjust the direction of the cameras. Something like automated direction control should be there to change the camera direction for you.

So, today we will guide you on how to set tour on NVMS1000 TVT/Honeywell Software. Here are the steps which you need to follow.

How to Set Tour on NVMS1000?

  1. Just login into NVMS and go to the control panel. Here you will find an option called “Group and Scheme settings“.set a tour on NVMS1000
  2. You will find “Create Camera Group” after clicking “Group and Scheme settings“. So we have to make a group of cameras and set a rotation time for rotation. Now to move next step.How to set a tour on NVMS1000 2
  3. Here, we make a group by any name. Type a group name according to your need. In “dwell Time Interval” set the time for rotation and checked those cameras which you want to get rotate and “OK“.set a tour on NVMS1000
  4. Here, you got a window like below.set a tour on NVMS1000
  5. Now come to “Live Preview“. Here you will find an option “Group“. Click on that.How to set a tour on NVMS1000 6
  6. Here, Now you will get your group name. Just double click on that and cameras will rotate automatically on a computer screen.

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