Smart Viewer for PC, Installation & Configuration In 4 Easy Steps

I’ll be discussing ways to Download Smart Viewer for PC. There’s an official CMS that helps you watch live streams from Hanwha Techwin’s surveillance cams on your computer. You just have to learn the required steps of installation and configuration. So there’s no complication in viewing live streams from them.

How Can I Install & Configure Smart Viewer for PC?

First of all, users are required to get the Smart Viewer PC Client file. However, they are required to download Smart Viewer for Windows or Smart Viewer for Mac. Because the program’s officially available for both operating systems, so you can get the job done without any third-party utility’s support. However, I’ll also describe a method that leads you towards the downloading of the Smart Viewer App for PC.

Smart Viewer for Windows

Smart Viewer for Mac

Step 1: CMS Installation

  • Extracted the downloaded file of Smart Viewer PC Client and open the setup file from it.
  • From the first tab, click on the Next button.Smart Viewer for PC
  • Change the folder destination or just simply hit NextScreenshot 3
  • To proceed, click on the Install button.Smart Viewer for Windows
  • Now, wait for a couple of seconds until the progress completes.Screenshot 5 15
  • Afterward, click on the Finish button to close the installation window.Smart Viewer for Mac

Step 2: Smart Viewer PC Login

  • Once you launch the software, you’ll be directed to the Login screen.Smart Viewer PC Login
  • The default ID will be “admin”, but you’ll be required to choose a strong password for your account.Screenshot 8 15

Step 3: Device Configuration

  • After successfully signing in to the software, click on Devices >> Manual Add (if your devices are connected locally, you can click on the Auto-add button).Smart Viewer PC Configuration
  • Enter the device’s details like Model number, serial number, IP, etc and then click on Test Connection >> RegisterScreenshot 11 15
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Note: Always ensure that you enter the right details because one wrong alphabet or number can cause connectivity issues.

Step 4: Live Feeds From Smart Viewer PC

  • Select your desired device from the left pane of the software’s interfaceLive Feeds From Smart Viewer PC
  • Now the camera feeds will start to appear on the right-side window of the Smart Viewer PC.Screenshot 13 14

Smart Viewer App for PC

If you are not satisfied with the CMS services or finding it difficult to manage your cameras from it, you should Download Smart Viewer App for PC. Because this way, you’ll be allowed to get the same interface as you do on your smartphone. And you’ll only be required to use an Android emulator for that cause.

Smart Viewer App for PC

The best option of using the Smart Viewer App for Windows or Mac is through BlueStacks. Because this emulator works smoothly and never disturbs your device’s performance level. Also, you can use this program without having to configure or program it. Just launch it to start benefiting from Google Play Store for PC.


Can You Add Multiple DVRs To Smart Viewer PC?

Everyone is allowed to add several DVRs and NVRs with Smart Viewer PC. However, it’s better that you connect them through LAN, because this way, you’ll not be required to perform a lengthy manual configuration process. Because it takes several minutes to register a device manually.

Does Smart Viewer Allow You To Export Files On Your Computer?

Yes, users are allowed to export files from the CMS to their computer. Because this program is developed for users who want to take care of important parts from their live feeds. So there’s no trouble in saving precious or suspicious moments from live footage. Likewise, users are allowed to select the folder destination of saving media files.

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How Can You Update Smart Viewer for PC?

There’s no need of updating Smart Viewer for PC manually. Because this software updates automatically, so whenever an update hits the market, it receives an update from the developers. So all you have to do is allow the program to install required updates whenever it asks you.

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