TVT CMS Software for PC Download Free [Windows 10 & Mac]

Use my tutorial to Download TVT CMS Software for PC. You can use the provided software to watch TVT DVR Online. But for that, you also need to install the program and then configure it as well. So here, I’ll tell what needs to be to start using this program to watch live feeds on PC.

How To Install & Configure TVT CMS Software for PC?

You are first required to get the TVT CMS Software PC file, so you can start its installation process. Because only downloading CMS will not be enough. And after you have installed it, you’ll also be required to Configure TVT CMS Software to live feeds on your Windows or Mac device.

TVT CMS Software for Windows

TVT CMS Software for Mac

Installation Procedure

  • Extract the downloaded folders using WinRAR or WinZip.
  • Now launch the setup file from the extracted folder.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts until the software is installed properly.

Launch It

  • Before clicking on the Finish button, check the launch NVMS-1000 checkbox.
  • If you haven’t selected this checkbox, open the software from the desktop of your computer.

Note: Try launching the software from an account with admin privileges.

TVT CMS Software Configuration

  • At the TVT CMS Software Login page, enter a username and password of your choice. Usually, the username by default is set to “admin” and you are required to set a password accordingly.TVT CMS Software for PC
  • After you have logged in, you’ll be required to find a way to add your device. For that, click on Device >> Manually AddTVT CMS Software for Windows
  • Now enter your device’s details like IP Address, Serial Number, & DomainTVT CMS Software for Mac
  • After saving the entered data, navigate back to the program’s main interface.TVT CMS Software Configuration
  • Go to the Live Preview section to watch live feeds from your connected cameras.
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Q) Can You Use TVT CMS Software on Android?

A) Yes, there are a bunch that works with devices like TVT DVRs & NVRs. The name of this application is SuperLive Plus, which’s free to use and works effectively for users who wish to use it to watch live feeds remotely. And you can easily configure the app by following the provided instructions.

Q) How To Reset Password Of TVT DVR?

A) You can perform a simple tweak to reset password of the TVT DVR. While being on the login page, let username be admin and enter the password as 6036huanyuan or ttvvtthuanyuan. Use one of these passwords until the device reboots. Afterward, the username will be admin and the password will be “123456”

Q) How Do I Watch TVT DVR Online?

A) You can use TVT CMS Software for PC to watch live feeds from DVRs online. Because this freeware is designed to assist users of TVT device owners. And if your device isn’t going online, navigate to the network settings of your video recorders. Now ensure that NAT is enabled from the settings tab.

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