V380 Camera Software for PC, Windows 10 & Mac (Free Download)

Read the presented article to Download V380 Camera Software for PC. Rather than implying unofficial methods for using the live surveillance services on a computer, now you can use the official software. So here, I’ll present both ways for users who wish to benefit from V380 for PC Without Bluestacks and V380 App for PC.

How Can I Download V380 Camera Software for PC?

An official V380 PC Client is available in the market. So if you don’t know how to work with it, I’ll assist you. But first, you are required to download V380 Camera Software for PC from the provided link. And after the file’s downloaded on your computer, implement the drafted steps:

V380 Camera Software for Windows

Install V380 Camera Software for Windows 10/8/7 OS

  • Launch the downloaded file of V380 to start its installation wizard.
  • Keep following the onscreen prompts until the Client is installed properly.
  • Now after you launch it for the first time, enter your account details to complete V380 Login or click on the Register button if you are using it for the first time. Likewise, users can also test the program’s services by clicking on Try without account.V380 Camera Software for Windows

Add Devices In V380 CMS

  • From the main interface of the V380 PC Client, click on Add Device. Now you’ll have two different procedures for adding your devices. And I’ll explain both of them to you.Screenshot 10 9

LAN Searching

  • For adding devices by LAN searching, users have to ensure some things. They have to make sure that their computer and IP cameras are connected with the same Wi-Fi router. Else, the V380 for PC will not be able to pair these two devices. And once the program is searching for a device, do not interrupt it.V380 for PC Without Bluestacks
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Manual Addition

  • Remember the device ID, because it’s the only way to connect V380 cameras to PC. The device ID is written on the backside of your IP camera that you can also remember or note on a piece of paper.connect V380 cameras to PC
  • Once you have noted the device ID, enter it inside the required field. You’ll also be required to enter the username and password. Afterward, click on the Add manually button to proceed.v380 App for PC

V380 App for PC (Unofficial Method)

An unofficial way is possible to help you download V380 App for PC. I’ve included this method in my article because the official method can only be implied to install V380 for Windows. But this solution can help you get V380 for Mac as well. So if you ok with using an Android emulator, it can be quite helpful to you.

v380 for Mac

Rather than using any upgraded products that slow your PC, try using LDPlayer. Because this emulator can assist you the best in the case of using V380 for PC. And you’ll be glad to acknowledge that you are not asked to pay any real money. But only use this emulator to benefit from Google Play Store on PC.

FAQs About V380 PC Software

Q) Can You Watch V380 Camera Online?

A) Anyone is allowed to watch V380 Camera Online using the app’s services. Because only the desktop or smartphone app can help you watch live streams from your IP cameras. Else, you can’t access such services on your web browser. It has no official webpage for the deliverance of live video surveillance.

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Q) Can I Use V380 Without Wi-Fi?

A) Gladly yes, you can use v380 without Wi-Fi. Thanks to the AP Mode that allows your IP cameras to create a hotspot to connect with your monitoring device. However, the range of the IP cameras isn’t massive. So if you go far away from them, your mobile device will get disconnected and you’ll need an internet connection to benefit from it.

Q) Can You Change the Language Of V380 Camera Software for PC?

A) Yes, you can easily change the language of V380 Camera Software for PC. Just follow the instructions presented below:

  • Click on the try without account buttonv380 Camera Software for PC
  • Hit the gear icon that presents settingsScreenshot 6 9
  • Under the Language section, select EnglishScreenshot 7 9
  • Confirm that you wish to change the language.Change Language of v380 Camera Software for PC

That’s all CCTV Team has got regarding V380 Camera Software for PC.

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