A Tutorial To Download, Install, & Configure Guarding Vision for PC

Learn to Download Guarding Vision for PC by following a simple procedure. Now you have the option of using a CMS to complete the task of live viewing from Guarding Vision CCTV. Similarly, if you are interested in taking advantage of its Android app’s services on PC, I’ll also provide an unofficial method for you.

How Do I Watch Live Feeds From Guarding Vision for PC?

To watch live feeds from Guarding Vision for PC, you are required to perform a bunch of steps. First of all, you’ll be required to download & install its CMS. Afterward, configure the Client so it could deliver the live feeds on a bigger display. So without any further delay, get a CMS file suited for your operating system and perform the drafted steps.

Download Guarding Vision for Windows

Download Guarding Vision for Mac

CMS Installation

  • Launch the Guarding Vision Setup on PC and click on the Next button. You’ll be asked to select whether if you just wish to install the Client for live view or add extra features to it. You have the option of installing Client, Storage Server, & Media Stream Server at the same time. Also, browse for a folder destination if you are not satisfied with the default location. Now once you have made all the desired selections, click on the Install button.Guarding Vision for PC
  • You’ll be required to wait a while until the progress bar is completed. During the installation period, try not to interact with the wizard.Screenshot 8 7
  • Now that the installation has been completed, check the boxes for launching the CMS and creating desktop shortcuts. Thereafter, click on the Finish button.Guarding Vision for Windows
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Guarding Vision Login

CMS login is nesscary if you want to move forward to the process of watching live footage on PC. At the time you launch the software, you’ll be asked to enter your desired username and password. Once a strong passcode is designated to a username, you’ll be asked to answer a bunch of questions, so you can retrieve your password in case you forget it.Guarding Vision Login

Device Configuration

  • From the program’s home interface, click on Device ManagementScreenshot 11 4
  • Now hit the + Add option to proceed and select the protocols according to your Guarding Vision CCTVGuarding Vision for Mac
  • Once you have added the right device information, the configured devices will start to appear inside the Device section.Screenshot 13 4

Live View From Guarding Vision CCTV

To live view from Guarding Vision for PC, you can navigate to the Main View section. Now select your desired camera from the list of available devices.Live View From Guarding Vision CCTV

Guarding Vision App for PC (Windows & Mac)

For users who are interested in performing a tip/trick, Android emulators can be of great help. Because such programs can help you in getting Guarding Vision App for PC. This unofficial method works best for individuals who are interested in using the smartphone app’s facilities on their computer.Guarding Vision App for PC

You can trust the BlueStacks emulator to use Guarding Vision for Mac or Windows. Because this free emulator helps you emulate Android OS on both Windows & Mac operating systems. So you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues while claiming services from this app player.

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FAQs About Guarding Vision CCTV

Q) What Is Guarding Vision?

A) Guarding Vision is a live video monitoring application available to help owners of surveillance systems. It contains a bunch of beneficial services like playback, motion detection, video recorder, etc. Users can benefit from the program’s services without having to pay a single penny.

Q) How Do I Reset My Guarding Vision Account?

A) Users are allowed to reset their Guarding Vision account at any instance. From the login interface, click on the forgot password option. Now two options regarding reset of account will be presented on the screen. You can either select reset by email/username or reset by phone number.

Q) Can I Share Guarding Vision Privileges?

A) Yes, users are allowed to share Guarding Vision privileges with others. To do so, from the More menu, click on the Manage sharing settings. Now simply click once on the red + icon to proceed. At last enter the phone number or email of the person you would add to your list.

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