Learn to Download, Install, & Use Dahua Config Tool for PC [Windows & Mac]

The following article indicates a way to Download Dahua Config Tool for PC. If you are interested in customizing the IP of your Dahua surveillance devices, assist with this free utility. It’s officially available for all the major platforms. So you’ll not face any trouble while benefiting from its services on your computer.

How Do I Use Dahua Config Tool for PC?

You are required to follow a simple set of instructions to learn how to use Dahua Config Tool for PC. Here, I’ve added links for both Windows & Mac operating systems. You are required to download a package from the given link and then extract it before you implement the drafted steps.

Download Dahua Config Tool for Windows

Download Dahua Config Tool for Mac

Installation Process

  • After launching the Dahua Config Tool Setup file, select your desired language for the Client’s interfaceDahua Config Tool for PC
  • On the next, simply click on the Next button to proceedScreenshot 4 14
  • Now accept the software’s license agreement and hit InstallDahua Config Tool Setup
  • Wait until the installation progress fully completedScreenshot 6 15
  • Once the installation is completed, click on the Enjoy Now button.Dahua Config Tool for Windows
  • While launching Dahua Config Tool for the first time, allow your Windows firewall to launch itScreenshot 8 15
  • Now the tool’s main interface will be shown to you.Dahua Config Tool for Mac

Customize Dahua Config Tool

  • Open the free utility and allow it to deliver the list of available devicesCustomize Dahua Config Tool
  • When the device list is shown on the interface and click on the Search Settings buttonScreenshot 11 13
  • Now select a device and click on the Modify IP buttonScreenshot 12 12
  • Enter your desired details about IP, Gateway, Subnet Mask, etc and hit OkModify Dahua Config Tool
  • Once the IP is modified successfully, click on the Refresh icon and you’ll see a green tick in front of the customized deviceScreenshot 14 10
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Bonus Tip: ConfigTool Mobile App for PC [Windows & Mac]

In case you are using the ConfigTool Mobile on Android and you like its interface enough. You can also use it on your computer. But for that, you’ll be required to take advantage of Android emulation. Yes, that’s the only trick you need to implement to use Dahua Config Software unofficially.ConfigTool Mobile App for PC

  • Download LDPlayer on your computer. (LINK)
  • Install the emulator
  • Launch Google Play Store inside LDPlayer
  • Sign in with a Google ID
  • Proceed to use the play store’s interface to install ConfigTool Mobile App for PC.

FAQs About Dahua Config Tool

Q) What’s Smart Player In Dahua Config Tool?

A) The Smart Player allows users to watch the live video in real-time. It is developed for users who wish to view multiple live streams at the same time. And if you are connecting a DVR with Dahua Config Tool, you’ll be allowed to modify your devices and watch the live view of IPC. And in case you encounter any connectivity issue due to the configured IP, use Dahua Config Tool to modify it.

Q) What Devices Are Supported By Dahua Config Tool?

A) Every surveillance device manufactured by Dahua is supported by Dahua Config Tool for PC. You can connect your IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and similar devices to customize according to your plans. Because the basic purpose of this free utility is to allow you to modify the IP and Gateway of your surveillance devices.

Q) Is There A Dahua ConvertTool?

A) Yes, there is a Dahua ConvertTool that is available for the convenience of users. You have the option of getting the whole package by downloading the Dahua ToolBox. Else, only getting the utility is also a good option if you wish to convert the recorded media directly from the computer. It is available on the Microsoft Store, and you can also get it from the website of the manufacturers.

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