Download Cenova Lite for PC Free Suveillance on Windows 10 & MacOS

Today, we brought another tool known as Cenova Lite for PC. This is a free surveillance tool and independent to configure with random Cameras, DVRs even if they are non-branded.

All top-notch camera manufacturer offers the apps and software that connect your PC with DVRs so that, you can monitor the live footages. But, not all camera manufacturers offer this.

If you visit China, there are a countless number of camera manufacturers, who only develop cameras. They are at very cheap costs but users have to buy DVRs and software separately. Users have to buy a DVR but we can provide them a Software for free like the Cenova Lite.

What is Cenova Lite?

Cenova Lite is a Surveillance tool for computers and smartphones. It connects your device with the DVRs to let you display the Camera’s live coverage. It can connect with plenty of cameras at a time. So, it can be used in a large-scale production setup. By origin, it belongs to Turkey.

We demonstrated a detailed tutorial on how to install Cenova Lite for PC with the image illustrations. The images are of steps that are involved in the whole procedure, it will reduce the chance of errors. We will provide the download links for installing Cenova Lite on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS. Also, the CCTV Team will guide you on the alternative way of installing Cenova Lite on a Laptop.


Here are the requirements to download Cenova Lite for Windows 10 and other compatible operating systems.

Cenova Lite for PC

Download Links (Cenova Lite for PC and Others)

Here are the Google Drive and official links to install Cenova Lite-on compatible devices.

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Download for PC CMS for MAC Download for Android CMS for iPhone Download for iPad

Installation of Cenova Lite on Windows

Here are the steps to install Cenova Lite for PC. Follow the steps carefully so you don’t have to face an error. If you don’t like to read then follow the image illustrations.

  1. Download the Cenova Lite Executable file from the link given above.
    Cenova Lite for PC
  2. Double click on the executable file to start the process. Allow the software to make changes in your computer.
    Cenova Lite for PC
  3. Click on the Next option on the Installation Wizard Screen.
    Cenova Lite for PC
  4. Click on the install and the app is ready for installation.Cenova Lite for PC
  5. The installation process is completed now, click on the finish button.
    Click on the install and the app is ready for installation.

Create a username and password to register if you are not already yet. If you are then log in to the Cenova Lite application.

Cenova Lite for PC

Provide firewall access to the software by selecting all the options as shown below. Then click on the “Allow access”
The application will redirect the new users to device management, click on the “+Add” option to begin.

Cenova Lite for PC

A Dialogue box will appear on the screen, selecting the adding method (We are selecting IP/Domain) here enter the nickname, address, port, username, and password. Then click on the “Add” button.

Cenova Lite for PC
Then proceed to the control panel, click on the “Main View” to access the live video of the CCTV camera on the software.

Cenova Lite for PC

Congratulations! you are ready to monitor the Cameras on your system.

Cenova Lite for PC

An alternative way to install Cenova Lite for PC

You need an Android Emulator to install Android Cenova Lite for PC. We have Genymotion, AnyOS, RemixOS, LD player, BlueStacks, Nox, and much more. Users can use BlueStacks or Nox App Player is also a good option. Both of them are extremely well performable for using Android apps on Windows and MacOS. Computer users can download Cenova Lite for Windows and macOS using any of these.

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Open the emulator that you have installed on your PC. The home screen of the Emulator will appear in front of you.

  • From the home screen, open the Google Play Store.
  • Enter your Google Account (one time only).
  • Use the search bar located, app name enter.
  • Click on the install button shown on the right side of the application.

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