Download WebEye for PC, Windows 10 Laptop/Desktop & MacOS

Download the latest version of WebEye for PC from the given link below. WebEye is the CMS software widely used for camera surveillance. Maybe you don’t know but the WebEye is the most used camera management software in the world, it is ranked at the top after voting. Looks like it is the Android of all CMS software.

By the way, The WebEye is just for PC, Windows only, it can also be installed on Android, iOS, iPadOS. Here are the links to install WebEye for PC and other compatible devices.

What is WebEye App?

The basic introduction already clarifies that this app is Camera Management tool. We will tell you about the app further. Probably this is the only app which is even better than the high profile camera manufacturers client dedicated tool. The most independently used CMS. The second best thing about this tool is multicompatibility. As you can this tool is available on 4 major operating systems.

This tool is developed by Webgate incorporation which is a top notch security solution company. They also manufacturers their own cameras which are quite good but not as much as their CMS.

It is the live monitoring app shows you the result in real time. Either connect it with one camera or more than 25. This tool will handle all of them single handedly without compromising quality.

That CMS is useless who doesn’t even support Pan, Tilt and Zoom. These are the basic features which are essential and ofcourse the WebEye for PC supports these.

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Users can playback the recorded video anytime they want. Every video will be available on click according to the time duration you set.

Requirements of WebEye

The below picture shows the requirements of downloading WebEye for PC and other compatible operating system.

WebEye for PC

How to Download WebEye for PC?

Select the Language that suits you, we prefer the English.

WebEye for PC

Click on the “I Agree” button on the License Agreement window will appear on the screen to Continue installation.

WebEye for PC

Now proceed to select the components of the application to help the clients in installing it by clicking on the “Next” button to proceed.

WebEye for PC

Click on Browse button to assign the location to software, than click on install button.

WebEye for PC

Wait for the process to complete successfully. It takes less than a minute usually.

WebEye for PC

At the control center user’s need to add the device, If software didn’t detect the device automatically, add the device manually.

WebEye for PC

You have to log in to CMS using the Unit Name, Address, Port, User ID and Password.

WebEye for PC

Now you are ready to monitor the whole camera setup.

WebEye for PC

That’s how you add the Cameras into WebEye for PC. Follow the sequence as we written above and you will be able to do the same.

Alternative Method

This procedure is a bit lengthy but users will a lot of benefits. They can install an Android app on a PC whose PC version is not available. The whole procedure is free of cost. There is no paywall in any step. As we said already that WebEye for Android also. It means users can also emulate the Android WebEye for PC easily. All, you need to do is to install the Android Emulator and then install WebEye for PC. Use BlueStacks or Nox App Player as they are the best in the market.

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If someone wants to try a highend software for highend cameras than try Hik Connect for PC. The biggest and best Camera manufacturers in the world. Also, they have the best CMS. In other options, users have v380, Wyze, PSV, IP webcam etc.

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