HikVision VSPlayer For PC, Windows 10 & Mac – Free Download

HikVision VSPlayer For PC is an advanced tool for viewing and managing the security footage of your CCTV Cameras. Free Download HikVision VSPlayer using this article. Here I have provided the official CMS Client software of HikVision VSPlayer. Here you can also learn the method to download and install this software on your PC.

This software is created by HikVision for all products offered by HikVision. Download HikVision VSPlayer For Windows and HikVision VSPlayer For Mac Clients. Using this software users can view the live security footage and save old footage on your device. Moreover, there are many other unique and advanced features offered by this software.

Download HikVision VSPlayer For PC

The links provided below will allow you to download the official CMS Client of HikVision VSPlayer. Furthermore, this software is in a compressed Zip folder. Use an extraction tool to extract the setup file of HikVision VSPlayer. Once you have extracted the setup file then you can easily install the software on your Windows or Mac PC.

HikVision VSPlayer For Windows

HikVision VSPlayer For Mac

Installing HikVision VSPlayer CMS Client

Open the folder where the extracted setup file of HikVision VSPlayer is stored. Double click on the setup file to incite the installation process of HikVision VSPlayer. The installation directory will open, here select the location where you want to install the HikVision VSPlayer For PC software. Mostly the default location i.e Disk “C” > program files. Click the Next button to continue.

HikVision VSPlayer For PC

On this page, you will have the option to select the components of the software that you want to install on your Windows or Mac PC. Select the components and click on the Next button.

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HikVision VSPlayer Installation

Here you have the option to change the name of the shortcut icon. Use the default name i.e VSPlayer or you can change it as per your preferences. Now click the Next button.

HikVision VSPlayer Installation

Select “Crete a desktop icon” if you want a shortcut icon on your desktop and click the Next button.

HikVision VSPlayer Installation

HikVision VSPlayer CMS Client is now configured and ready to install. Click on the Install button to start the installation process of HikVision VSPlayer.

HikVision VSPlayer Installation

The installation process of HikVision VSPlayer For PC will begin. This will consume almost 2-3 minutes, wait for the process to complete, and click on the Finish button.

HikVision VSPlayer Installation

How Do I Play Videos On HikVision VSPlayer For PC

To play videos on HikVision VSPlayer, you can follow the method given below. Moreover, the same method is used on Windows and Mac Platforms. Follow these easy steps to add and view videos on VSPlayer For PC.

HikVision VSPlayer Home screen

Open VSPlayer

Open the HikVision VSPlayer For PC application. The home screen of the VSPlayer will welcome you. VSPlayer is just like a media player for audio and video files.

Add videos on VSPlayer (Mac & Windows)

To add videos on VSPlayer, look for the “+” button. This button is located at the top left corner of the screen. A folder will open, using this folder you can search the device memory. Select the file and click Open. Now the added file will appear on the left pane of the screen.

Moreover, you can also add multiple videos at the same time. After you have added multiple videos, select the video that you want to watch and click on the Play button.

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HikVision VSPlayer For PC

How Can I Convert Videos Using VSPlayer

As there are multiple video formats and every media player can not play each format. So in the modern world video converters have become necessary for every user. In the method below, I have explained all the necessary steps that you have to take to convert files from one format to another format.

Open Software

Open the VSPlayer application on your Windows or Mac PC. From the home screen of the software click on the Convert button. This button is shown at the bottom left corner of the screen and looks like a briefcase. A pop-up menu will appear, from this menu select the Convert option. Now the converter will open.

HikVision VSPlayer Video Converter

Add Videos To Convert

The VSPlayer Format Converter home screen will open on your device screen. Click on the “+” icon to add videos to the VSPlayer Format Converter.

HikVision VSPlayer Video Converter

Convert Video Format

The added file will appear on the screen. Click on the Edit button as shown in the image below.

HikVision VSPlayer Video Converter

A new window will open, here select the Target Format if you know the format of the file. However, if you don’t know then click on the Copy From option. This will show you the current format of the file you have added. Now you can select the format in which you want to convert the file.

HikVision VSPlayer Video Converter

Furthermore, you can also set the resolution of the video. There are many more options that you can use to edit the video file. Some of those options are Frame Rate, Video Encoder, Video Bitrate, and many more.

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Save Converted Video

To save the converted file on your PC you have to set the location where you to save the converted file. You can always use the default location. However, you can also select the location of your choice. Now click on the start button, to begin with, the conversion process of the video.

HikVision VSPlayer Sve Video

Once you have successfully converted the video file, then you can use the VSPlayer to video the video file. The video viewing method is already explained in the article above. You can see it from there.

HikVision VSPlayer For PC

Features Of HikVision VSPlayer For PC

HikVision VSPlayer offers many amazing and unique features. Here I will explain some of the key features of HikVision VSPlayer For PC.

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Built-in Video converter.
  • Change video resolution.
  • Multiple video editing options.
  • Video Encoding.
  • Change audio formats.
  • Add your watermark to the video or footage.
  • Control HikVision Cameras and system.
  • Fast play videos or slow them down.
  • View live security footage using HLS Convention.
  • View security footage in fisheye mode.
  • Use different file formats of videos.
  • The drag-n-drop feature is supported.

What Functions HikVision VSPlayer Can perform?

Here is a list of functions that you can easily perform on HikVision VSPlayer software.

  • Clipping Videos: Create small videos from a large video.
  • Video Conversion: Convert video formats.
  • Merge Videos: Combine two clips to make one clip.
  • Stream Videos: Strem live security footage directly on your Windows or Mac PC.

This is all you need to know about HikVision VSPlayer. Thank You for your time and keep supporting CCTVTeam.

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