CMS Guide: Download, Install, & Configure iUVS Plus for PC [Windows & Mac]

An easy procedure needs to be implied to use iUVS Plus for PC. You have the advantage of using Urmet iUVS CMS on your computer to watch the live feeds on a bigger display. It’s best for you to take advantage of the official CMS, to bypass any critical connectivity-related issues.

How Can I Use iUVS Plus for PC?

A user has to download iUVS Plus CMS on his computer. Afterward, install & configure the CMS for his benefit. Since the surveillance software is available for both Windows & Mac operating systems, it’s an option for you to perform any unofficial method. So I’ll also discuss an uncommon way, to help you use its smartphone app’s services on your PC.

Download iUVS Plus for Windows

Download iUVS Plus for Mac

CMS Installation

  • Download iUVS Plus Camera Setup and extract the folder. Now launch the .exe or .dmg file from the extracted folder. Now select the preferred language and hit OkiUVS Plus Camera Setup
  • Click on the Browse button to select your desired folder destination and hit NextScreenshot 6 17
  • Select which CMS components should be installed and hit NextiUVS Plus for PC
  • Choose a start menu folder and proceedScreenshot 8 17
  • Decide where you want to create the shortcuts of iUVS PlusiUVS Plus for Windows
  • After viewing the previously made selections, hit InstallScreenshot 10 16
  • Once the installation is completed, check Launch Urmet_UVS and hit FinishUrmet_UVS

iUVS Plus Camera Setup

  • From the CMS’s main interface, click on Group Device ManagementiUVS Plus Login
  • Click on Add Device from the Devices sectionScreenshot 13 14
  • Add desired device details and hit Add (Use iUVS Plus default username as “admin” and enter password)iUVS Plus Configuration
  • When the configured device starts to appear inside the right pane, click on Import AlliUVS Plus for Mac
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iUVS Plus Live View

  • Click on the Main View tabiUVS Plus Live View
  • Select a configured device from the left pane to watch its live feedScreenshot 17 5

iUVS Plus App for PC (Windows & Mac)

One option to watch live streams is by downloading the iUVS Plus App for PC. For that, you need to use an Android emulator to emulate Android OS on your computer. This will help you install & use any of your desired Android app on a PC. In case you wish to view live footage of Urmet Cameras on PC, you can use an Android App Player.iUVS Plus App for PC

BlueStacks is a well-known emulator that takes you straight to the point of attention. You can download this emulator from a trusted source and then install it easily on your desktop or laptop device. And you don’t have to be a professional or nerd to use it, since it doesn’t ask you to configure it before you use it.

FAQs About iUVS Plus

Q) What Is iUVS Plus?

A) iUVS Plus is a real-time video monitoring software that’s available for Android, Windows, and Mac OS. Users can benefit from this video surveillance software to watch the live footage remotely. It only has one requirement, your surveillance and monitoring devices should be connected to the internet.

Q) Can I Use iUVS Plus To Record Videos On My Computer?

A) Yes, users are allowed to click screenshots and save videos from live feeds. iUVS Plus for PC allows users to record a variety of media and export it on their device’s storage. In addition, it also allows you to search for your desired videos using the playback facility.

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Q) Which Video Codecs Are Supported by iUVS Plus?

A) A good news is that iUVS Plus supports H264 as well as H265 codecs. So even if you have a poor internet connection, you’ll be allowed to view real-time videos. There’ll be a slight difference in the quality of your videos, but you can benefit from the live feeds and change the video resolution at any instance.

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