M-Sight Pro For PC, Free Download, Windows 10 & Mac

M-Sight Pro For PC is a professional CMS Client for viewing security footage in HD Quality. Find all the related information regarding M-Sight Pro in this article. M-Sight Pro is a professional CCTV manufacturing company and they also have created a CMS Client for their CCTV Cameras.

This CMS Client provides many functionalities and can be downloaded for free. Free Download M-Sight Pro For PC from this article. I have provided the official M-Sight Pro CMS Client software for Windows and Mac. Easly download M-Sight Pro For Windows or M-Sight Pro For Mac from the article given below.

How Can I Download The Official Software Of M-Sight Pro For PC

M-Sight Pro For Windows

Download the M-Sight Pro CMS Client on your Windows OS device. Using this Client software you can easily view the live security footage of your M-Sight CCTV Cameras. Use the download button given below to download M-Sight Pro on Windows OS.

M-Sight Pro For Windows

M-Sight Pro For Mac

Free Download M-Sight Pro on Mac system for extra security of your home or office. The file downloaded using the download button is stored in a compressed Zip folder. Extract the setup file of M-Sight Pro and save it in a folder on your system.

M-Sight Pro For Mac

How Can I Install M-Sight Pro

Installation Steps Of M-Sight Pro

Open the extracted folder and click on the software application file aka the setup file of M-Sight Pro. The installation screen will welcome you. Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the setup file and click on the Quick Installation button to continue with the installation progress.

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M-Sight Pro For PC

The installation of the software will begin, wait for the installation to complete.

M-Sight Pro Installation

As the installation finishes, click on the Start Now button to open the M-Sight Pro CMS Client.

M-Sight Pro Installation


When the Client software opens, the login screen will be in front of you. Enter your credentials and click on the login button.

Login To M-Sight Pro

Add Devices To M-Sight Pro

At the home screen click on the + icon which is located at the top left corner of the screen. A pop-up menu will appear on the screen. On this pop-up click on the Devices option.

Add Device To M-Sight Pro

A new pop-up will appear, carefully enter the details to add cameras and click on the OK button.

Add Device To M-Sight Pro

Additional Information

If in the status bar “Inactive” is appearing while you are adding a device. This warning means that you have to verify the password of the device. A screen will appear, enter the Password, User name, and confirm it. Now click on the Ok button.

M-Sight Pro For PC

Live View Of CCTV Using M-Sight Pro Software

The home screen of this application views almost all of the cameras. You can see the security footage of a maximum of 12 CCTV cameras simultaneously. Just open the home screen and view all of your security cameras.

M-Sight Pro For PC

What Are The Features Of M-Sight Pro

Milesight Pro is a professional software for keeping an eye on your home and office. The points mentioned below are the key features of the M-Sight Pro For PC. Moreover, these features are available in both Windows and Mac OS platforms.

  • Manage network and modify camera settings.
  • Live stream multiple cameras at the same time.
  • A maximum of 64 camera devices can be added.
  • Instant motion alerts.
  • Identify the intruder by changing camera focus to the intruder’s face.
  • Capture images and record videos separately on your system.
  • File management is also supported.
  • Add password to protect the CMS Client.
  • Scan QR code to add devices.
  • Search by event feature is also available.
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This is all you need to know about M-Sight Pro For PC. Thank You for your time and keep supporting CCTVTeam.

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