Learn to Download, Install, & Configure Partizan CCTV App for PC

This guide indicates an official way to Download Partizan CCTV App for PC. And to be precise, I’ll provide the Partizan CCTV Setup file for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. I’ll provide a proper set of instructions required to install and configure the CMS, so you can watch the live streams from your surveillance devices.

How Do I Use Partizan CCTV App for PC?

There are two basic ways of using the Partizan CCTV App for PC. One way is to benefit from Android emulators and the second & official way is to use Partizan CMS on your computer. I’ll provide both ways to help you complete this task for free. However, you need to extract the downloaded folder before implying any drafted procedure.

Download Partizan CCTV App for Windows

Download Partizan CCTV App for Mac

Download Partizan CCTV App for Linux

CMS Installation

  • After launching the Partizan CCTV Setup file, select your preferred language and click on the Next buttonPartizan CCTV Setup
  • If you decide to proceed, hit NextScreenshot 6 14
  • Read the software license agreement carefully before accepting them and move forwardPartizan CCTV App for PC
  • After reading the CMS changelog, click on NextScreenshot 8 14
  • Browse to select a folder destination and proceedPartizan CCTV App for Windows
  • Create desired CMS shortcuts on your systemScreenshot 10 13
  • Once you have viewed the previously made selections, hit InstallPartizan CCTV App for Mac
  • Wait for a couple of seconds until the CMS is installed completelyScreenshot 12 11
  • At last, check Launch Partizan and hit FinishPartizan CCTV App for Linux

Partizan CCTV Configuration

  • From the main interface of the Partizan CCTV App, click on Add DevicePartizan CCTV Configuration
  • Click on the Add Manually option if you wish to add devices by entering their details.Screenshot 15 7
  • After entering the desired devices details, hit AddScreenshot 16 6
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Watch Partizan CCTV on Computer

  • After adding the devices correctly, you can view the Device address inside the left paneWatch Partizan CCTV on Computer
  • Select the Device address to watch its live feed on the right paneScreenshot 18 2

Partizan CCTV App for PC (Windows & Mac)

The unofficial method of using the Partizan CCTV App for PC can be implied on Windows & Mac operating systems. In such a case, you can use an Android emulator for your benefit. Because such programs allow you to take advantage of Android emulation without asking you to perform any extra hassle.Partizan CCTV App for PC

  • Download BlueStacks on Windows or Mac computer (LINK)
  • Install BlueStacks properly
  • From the BlueStacks home interface, click on the play store’s icon
  • Use the play store’s search bar to navigate to Partizan
  • Now install the Partizan CCTV App for PC and open it directly from the play store.

FAQs About Partizan CCTV App

Q) What Is Partizan CCTV App?

A) Partizan CCTV lets you manage all your surveillance devices from one interface. It helps you watch the live video feeds from a place of your choice. The cloud surveillance client helps you benefit from the live streams remotely, so you can keep an eye on your households 24/7. To work with it, every user is required to configure/add his cameras by following a simple procedure.

Q) What Is The Difference Between IP CCTV and HD CCTV?

A) IP cameras transmit data over the network and gives the results directly onto your monitoring device. Whereas HD CCTV works through a channel of digital recorders. So the responsibility of delivering good quality live feeds is upon the shoulders of your installed digital recorders.

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Q) Are NVR Cameras Better Than DVR?

A) The usage of NVR cameras is recommended by professionals. Because NVRs receive direct data from your CCTV cameras and delivers the best result possible. And if you are cameras contain a microphone, NVRs are capable of recording the audio as well. So it’s better to use a product that’s suggested by the CCTV nerds.

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