SCW EasyView Mobile for PC, Windows 10 and Mac Computers Free Download

Get SCW EasyView Mobile for PC free download from this tutorial. We are going to tell you about the SCW EasyView Mobile software that is assigned to Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. Here, users can get the download links of this CMS on compatible devices. Also, we are demonstrating a guide with image illustrations for the installation and configuration of SCW EasyView Mobile for PC.

Here is the thing, you got the 2 ways of accomplishing this task. One is the official and the other one is unofficial. We are mentioning both ways ut obviously we recommend the official one, now the rest is your choice.

The official and unofficial methods to install SCW EasyView Mobile for PC are for Windows and macOS users. Alongside the method, users will see the app introduction, features, Download links, Requirements, and much more.

What is SCW EasyView Mobile?

It is the software developed by top experts for camera clients. Although all brands have their own dedicated software for their clients, few companies don’t have it. They just provide the cameras and DVRs to their client. For the rest of the works, the clients have to hire other experts. Those workers will configure the Cameras’ DVRs with the software on your LCD or computer. So, that you can be ready to monitor the live footage of CCTV. But, this procedure costs you a lot. You just need the Cameras and DVR and the rest of the work can be done by yourself with the SCW EasyView Mobile for PC.

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It is software that shows you the live coverage of CCTV. Mainly used in daily household and SMEs setup for security purpose. Users monitor their staff or servants, incoming, outgoings, keeping eye on baby, etc. It saves .your cost and shows you the results in real-time for free. Infact users will get additional features like Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Multiple cameras, Zoom-in, Zoom-out, 2 Side communication, and much more.

Download Links

Here are the download links to get SCW EasyView Mobile to download on Windows, macOS, Android, and others.

Download for PC Download for Mac Download for Linux Download for Android CMS for iPhone CMS for iPad


This image shows the requirements of installing SCW EasyView Mobile on compatible devices.

SCW EasyView Mobile for PC

How to install and Configure SCW EasyView Mobile for PC with Cameras?

Here are the steps to install SCW EasyView Mobile for PC and then configure it with Cameras DVR.

  1. Click on the Next button on “Wellcome to Wansview Setup Wizard Screen”.
    SCW EasyView Mobile for PC
  2. Select the destination folder where you want to install the SCW EasyView Mobile and select Next.
    SCW EasyView Mobile for PC
  3. Select components from SCW Cirrus CMS Startup and then click Next.
    SCW EasyView Mobile for PC
  4. Accept the license agreement and then click on Next.
    SCW EasyView Mobile for PC
  5. Click on the Install button.
    SCW EasyView Mobile for PC
  6. Once installation gets completed, click on the Finish button.
    SCW EasyView Mobile for PC
  7. Now the installation of SCW EasyView Mobile for PC is completed, Now it’s time for the Configuration of CMS with DVR. Click on the Add devices.
    SCW EasyView Mobile for PC
  8. Enter the name, port, username, password, DDNS/IP Address of the cameras given by the company or the fixing person.
    SCW EasyView Mobile for PC 9
  9. After adding the camera, you are ready to use the cameras as shown in the screenshot.

    SCW EasyView Mobile for PC

  10. See’ that is so easy to configure SCW EasyView Mobile for PC with Cameras and make it ready to monitor the surveillance.

So, viewers, that was the official method to install SCW EasyView Mobile for PC. Now we are moving towards the unofficial procedure.

Unofficial Method

In the unofficial method, the installation is a bit lengthy and technical but the configuration is damn easy. Because, in this method, we will install the Android version of SCW EasyView Mobile on a Computer. Due to the mobile app, this procedure is a bit easy for configuration with DVRs.

We have to install an Android emulator for installing the SCW EasyView Mobile Android version for PC. You can find various Android Emulators on the Web but BlueStacks and Nox are the best. LD Player will also be a good option. It’s your choice which one you choose.

  1. Choose any of the emulators.
  2. Download and install it on MacOS
  3. Open the emulator, complete the requirements.
  4. Enter your Google Account on Google Play.
  5. Search the SCW EasyView Mobile app on Playstore and Install it.


Official method is for Windows and MacOS users, they should follow that. The unofficial method is not convenient we just wrote it for your information. On CCTV Team we have a lot of options. If you didn’t find SCW EasyView Mobile for PC useful, look for other apps like,

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