4 Step Guide: Install & Configure Wansview for PC [Windows/Mac]

Learn how you can live view Wansview for PC. Because to watch the live streams of cameras on your computer, you have to install & configure its CMS. So that’s what I’m going to discuss in this article. I’ll guide you about the 100% working method to use Wansview App for PC with ease.

How Can I Use Wansview for PC?

Here, I’ve added download links to Wansview for Windows & Mac operating systems. You can get the CMS file depending upon the installed OS and then use the drafted steps to install it. Though, you first need to extract the downloaded folder using your OS built-in file extraction facility.

Download Wansview for Windows

Download Wansview for Mac

Installation Method

  • From the first interface of Wansview PC Setup, select your desired folder destination and hit NextWansview PC Setup
  • Choose a start menu folder name and proceedScreenshot 8 16
  • Select whether you wish to create a desktop or notWansview for PC
  • After viewing the previously made selections, hit InstallScreenshot 10 15
  • Now wait until the installation progress bar completesWansview for Windows
  • Check Launch WansviewCloud and hit FinishWansview for Mac

Wansview Configuration

Note: The default password for Wansview is “123456” and the username is “admin”

  • Click on the + icon that indicates “Add Camera”Wansview Configuration
  • If you want to add cameras online, select a device from the provided list, enter its details, and hit OkScreenshot 14 11
  • In case you wish to add cameras manually, enter its details inside the perspective fields and click on AddScreenshot 15 9

Real-Time Video Monitoring

  • Right-click on the configured device from the left pane and select PlayWansview Video Monitoring
  • Now the real-time video of selected device will be shown inside the right paneScreenshot 17 4
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Wansview App for PC [Windows & Mac]

Individuals can download Wansview App for PC through an Android emulator. For that, the best option is to use the services of BlueStacks. Because this App Player is free to use and it delivers services no other product. You can simply use it to emulate Android OS on your Windows or Mac computers.

Wansview App for PC

  • Download & Install BlueStacks on your device (LINK)
  • Launch the emulator and wait until its first boot is completed
  • Once you can view its main interface, click on the play store’s logo
  • Use the play store’s in-app search facility to launch and install Wansview
  • Now start using Wansview App on Windows or Mac device.

FAQs About Wansview

Q) Is Wansview A Good Brand?

A) Wansview has good reviews from its previous buyers. Their cameras are used globally and can be bought directly from Amazon. The main reason why people love it because of its low prices as compared to other CCTV manufacturers. So it can be used on a property where you want to install more than one or two cameras.

Q) Is Wansview Secure?

A) It’s totally safe to use Wansview for PC. You just have to ensure that your monitoring device isn’t controlled by any third-party user. Else, if you are not satisfied by exporting the media on your device’s storage, you can benefit from the Wansview Cloud services. It’ll also help you to access your private media files from any device of your choice.

Q) How Much Is Wansview Cloud?

A) Gladly, you can use Wansview Cloud for free, but only for 30-days trail period. Afterward, if you are satisfied by their services, you can pay for the VIP subscription. It costs $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year to benefit from such services. Users are allowed to add more than two cameras with alarm recording supported.

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