Wave2Cloud for PC Download Free Windows/Mac

Download Wave2Cloud for PC and use your Laptop Screen as a camera monitoring LCD. IP Camera usage became so common. Now, even a small retailer is using CCTV cameras for the security of its business place. Secondly, there is no other source that can let you keep eye on your place all day and night. Now assembling Cameras Setup at home or office is so easy. Infact it comes under DIY terms now. The difficult task is to connect the Software with Cameras DVR and we will make it easier for you.

What is Wave2Cloud?

Wave2Cloud is a CMS, that views the live coverage of CCTV footage. This tool covers all levels of usage, from large-scale setup to a small retail shop, from a giant mansion to a small studio flat.

Wave2Cloud is packed with advanced features. Compatible with all features, sensors, and attachments that the cameras have. Pan, Tilt, Zoom, 2 side communication, cloud storage, and much more. Users can get all these features to use for free of cost. The condition is the only compatibility.

This app is best for keeping eye on a baby in his/her room. Also, monitor where your pet maybe it causing a mess. As this app is also available on Android, maybe you don’t need to keep your Laptop always turn on.

Check out the requirements of Wave2Cloud for PC and Android.

Wave2Cloud for PC

Here are the download links of Wave2Cloud for PC Windows and smartphones with Android.

Download for Windows

Download for Android

Sorry to MacOS and iPhone users

We are feeling sorry for the macOS and iPhone users. We always tried to bring that tool that is versatile in supporting OS. But, this time the tool is too weak in compatibility game. It is only available for Android and Windows. On the other hand, the company hasn’t developed Wave2Cloud for iOS and macOS. Maybe Apple users will get this tool in the future. Till that, users have to rely on Alternative to Wave2Cloud for PC. Here are some of the tools at CCTV Team which are available for iOS, iPad, and macOS also.

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How to Download Wave2Cloud for PC

We are writing the original way of installing Wave2Cloud for PC. Focus on image illustrations more than the theory. Don’t try to mess with sequence, it will cause a malfunction or error.

Assuming that the software is already downloaded on your PC. Double click on the file to start the installation setup. The below steps are after downloading and executing the Live Monitoring.

  1. Click on the “I Agree” button on the License Agreement window will appear on the screen to Continue installation.
    Wave2Cloud for PC
  2. Wait for the process to complete successfully. It takes less than a minute usually.
    Wave2Cloud for PC
  3. You have to log in to CMS using the Default Username Password and Confirm Password. Click on the “Close” button after successful installation.
    Wave2Cloud for PC
  4. This is the decision-making step. What works do you want to take from Wave2Cloud? Select the features you want to enable.
    Wave2Cloud for PC
  5. Afterward, select the country, mobile carrier, and phone. Click on the “Finish” button.
    Wave2Cloud for PC
  6. Now you are ready to monitor the whole camera setup.

Second method to use Wave2Cloud for PC

As we said already that Wave2Cloud for Android also. It means users can also emulate the Android Wave2Cloud for PC easily. All, you need to do is to install the Android Emulator and then install Wave2Cloud for PC. Use BlueStacks or Nox App Player as they are the best in the market.

This procedure is a bit lengthy but users will a lot of benefits. They can install an Android app on a PC whose PC version is not available. The whole procedure is free of cost. There is no paywall in any step.

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