Download BCS Line for PC, Windows, Mac [2021 Guide]

Learn from the presented tutorial how to use BCS Line for PC. Because a CMS that’s available to help you watch live streams on a computer is named Smart PSS. So I’ll provide you with the download link of that CMS and help you install & configure it depending upon your requirements.

How Do I Use BCS Line for PC

Gladly, BCS Line can be used on both Windows & Mac operating systems. And there are more than one way of completing this task without paying any real money. So I’ll teach the right steps required to benefit from Smart PSS on your computer to connect and configure your surveillance devices.

CMS Download

Windows OS Mac OS
10/8/7 or later 8.0 or later
At least 3GB RAM At least 3GB RAM
535MB Disk Space 535MB Disk Space

Download BCS Line for Windows

Download BCS Line for Mac

Installation Steps

  • After launching the Smart PSS Setup, accept the software agreement and hit NextBCS Line for PC
  • Make the appropriate CMS functionality choice and proceedScreenshot 3 8
  • Select an Installation Path and click on the Install buttonBCS Line for Windows
  • Wait until the installation components are under processScreenshot 5 13
  • Check the Run Smart PSS checkbox and hit FinishBCS Line for Mac

BCS Line Login

  • While launching the CMS for the first time, ask the system firewall to grant accessBCS Line Login
  • Build a strong password of your choice and move forwardScreenshot 8 16
  • For your benefit, select the security questions and their answersScreenshot 9 16
  • Afterward, a login interface will appear. You can use “admin” as a username to complete the BCS Line Login process.Screenshot 10 16
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Connect/Configure Devices

  • Click on the Device tabConfigure BCS Line
  • Now hit the +Add button and enter the following details:
    • Device Name
    • Method to add
    • IP/Domain Name
    • Port
    • Group Name
    • User Name
    • PasswordScreenshot 12 14
  • After entering the requested details, hit Add

BCS Line – Live Footage

  • From the control panel of the CMS, click on Live ViewBCS Line - Live Footage
  • Start viewing live feeds inside the right pane.Screenshot 14 10

BCS Line App for PC (Unofficial Method)

Users have the option of using a third-party program to Download BCS Line App for PC. And the program that’s required to complete this task is called Android emulator. This free software is provided to help users emulate Android OS to enjoy using their desired smartphone apps on PC.BCS Line App for PC

It would be best to use an Android emulator that’s trusted by millions of users. BlueStacks App Player is trusted and used by millions of users. Because of its efficient performance, users prefer to use it for emulating Android OS on Windows & Mac operating systems. And, you can get it from an official source.

FAQs About BCS Line

Q) What is BCS Line?

A) BCS Line is provided for users who want to visit places peacefully without the worry of their house’s security. It let the user access the live feeds and control BCS surveillance devices remotely. Users can benefit from this application for free, but they are required to register for a free account.

Q) Is BCS Line Any Good?

A) Yes, BCS Line is quite fascinating. The company produces a bunch of smart surveillance devices that can be controlled using BCS Line for PC. It’s kind of a total package for users who want to protect their property and households from invaders. So it can be used at both home and workplace.

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Q) Is BCS Line Alarm Notification Enabled By Default?

A) No user is required to enable Alarm Notification after installing BCS Line for PC. Because such a facility is enabled by default. Users have the option of disabling it if they want to, but only if they are troubled by false alarms. Further, this service is available to notify about the suspicious activities that happen near the surveillance devices.

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