CVMS 2000 for PC, Free Download [Windows 10/8/7/Mac]

Download CVMS 2000 for PC to benefit from cloud-based video surveillance services. It’s possible to take advantage of this VMS on Windows & Mac operating systems. So here, I’ll discuss a procedure required to install & configure the software. That’ll help you watch the live streams of your CP Plus compatible surveillance devices.

How To Use CVMS 2000 for PC

To proceed in the process of using CVMS 2000 for PC, you need to download a file from the provided links. I’ve added individual links to Windows & Mac operating systems. Likewise, you also need to extract the downloaded package and then imply the steps drafted in the method provided below.

Download CVMS 2000 for Windows

Download CVMS 2000 for Mac

CVMS Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7 & Mac
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or above
  • RAM: At least 4GB
  • ROM: 240MB

CVMS 2000 Installation

  • Launch the CVMS 2000 Setup file from the extracted folder.
  • On the welcome screen of the app’s installation wizard, make the following operations:
    • Select preferred language
    • Agree to the software license
    • Click on NextCVMS 2000 Setup
  • Check the CVMS 2000 checkbox and hit NextCVMS 2000 for PC
  • Select an Installation Path and click on InstallScreenshot 4 7
  • Now let the CVMS install peacefullyCVMS 2000 for Windows
  • Thereafter, check the Run CVMS-2000 checkbox and hit FinishCVMS 2000 for Mac

CP Plus Login

Once the client launches, you’ll be asked to execute a CP Plus Login. If you are a novice user, you can use the default account credentials to proceed. Use Admin as your password and username. After entering the default details, click on the Login button. Now, wait a couple of seconds until the CVMS is ready to use.CP Plus Login

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Configure Devices

  • From the main interface of the software, click on the Devices tabCVMS 2000 Configuration
  • Click on the Add button and enter the perspective device details.Screenshot 9 9

Live Footage in CVMS 2000

  • After configuring the device, click on the Live View tab from the home interface.Live Footage in CVMS 2000
  • Select your desired camera feeds from the left pane.Screenshot 11 10

FAQs About CVMS-2000

Q) What Is CVMS 2000

A) CVMS 2000 is developed specifically for people who like to watch live feeds on their computer. It provides beneficial services to individuals who are interested in accessing the live footage of their CP Plus cameras remotely. Similarly, the VMS can also be used to manage all the cloud-based surveillance devices.

Q) Is There A CVMS 2000 for Android

A) If you are willing to benefit from CVMS 2000 for Android, you should consider using cMOB-20. This application is also provided to benefit the CP Plus consumers. So it can be used to connect your CCTV cameras with a smartphone. It’s also a fully featured app, so you’ll benefit a lot from it.

Q) Can I Access CP Plus DVR Online

A) Yes, you can use CVMS 2000 for PC to access your DVR Online. Just implement the above-provided method to understand how to configure your CP Plus DVRs. That’ll help you understand the procedure required to watch the live streams directly from your cameras on computers.

Q) How To Reset CP Plus Password

A) If you are willing to reset CP Plus Password, you need to contact technical support. For that, email them at and tell them about the nature of your problem. The technical support will contact you within 24 hours and teach you the proper process of resetting the password of your surveillance devices.

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Q) How To Use CP Plus IP Finder

A) The installation & configuration of CP Plus IP Finder is quite simple. Click here to learn about all the steps required to complete the task of acknowledging the right IP address of your CP Plus DVRs. While using it, you can view the actual IP address of your surveillance devices connected to LAN.

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