Download Line.CCTV for PC Free Windows 11/10/8.1/8/

CCTV clients! If you want a reliable and workable cloud CMS then try the Line.CCTV. This tool is one of the most in-demand VMS, because of its strong stability and easy configuration. So, we highly recommend using Line.CCTV for PC. The app compatibility game is also remarkable. Just name a prominent OS which this app is not compatible with. Infact it is the first CCTV tool compatible with Linux too which we saw in meantime.

So far, the Line.CCTV is installable and useable on Windows, Linux, MacOS. When it comes to smartphone OSĀ  it supports iOS, iPad OS, Android. Just look at the device support, hat’s off to the developers.

Download Links

Here are the download Links of Line.CCTV for PC and other compatible devices. Download the direct files on Windows PC and macOS computers.

Download for MacOS Download for PC

Android CMS

Download Line.CCTV for Android’s latest version from here.

Download for Android

Apple users

Click on this button to download Line.CCTV for Apple Devices.

CMS for ipad CMS for iPhone

Lets move to the main guide. Here is the procedure for installing Line.CCTV for PC, Windows 10, Windows 11, and versions above Windows 7. Computer CCTV Clients who want to get Line.CCTV for Windows 11 and MacOS 11 need to follow the written steps below.

How to Download Line.CCTV for PC?

Choose the language which is familiar to you. Like we chose English which is easy to understand.

Line.CCTV for PC

Click on Next at the “Wellcome to Line 8 Setup” Screen.

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Line.CCTV for PC

Accept the License Agreement by all terms and conditions, click on the I Agree button.

Line.CCTV for PC

Select the Location Directory and click on the Install button.

Line.CCTV for PC

Let the file completely install, the software will take a few minutes for the extraction of files.

Line.CCTV for PC

Click on the Finish button after the completing Line 8 Setup on PC.


Line.CCTV for PC

Check the boxes what nature of networks which way you want to use this tool. After selection click on the Allow Access.

Line.CCTV for PC

Enter the hostname of IP port name to configure the camera with Line.CCTV for PC.

Line.CCTV for PC

Enter the username and password provided by the company. Here is the list of default usernames and passwords. After entering click on OK.

Line.CCTV for Windows 9

Now you are ready to monitor the surveillance cameras. Like we showed in the screenshot, the live camera footage.

Line.CCTV for Windows 10

That’s how you install the Line.CCTV for PC. Computer users will feel more comfortable as compared to smartphone users. Because it is different to watch the multi-camera with multi-tabs on a smartphone small screen. Monitoring is easier on computers as compared to smartphones.

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