Download Pro-vue Mobile for PC, Win10/MacOS11 Computers

Monitor the live CCTV Footages through Pro-vue Mobile for PC without any payment. A reliable tool that shows you the live coverage in real-time without any delay or lag. Users must use good quality and well-built cameras.

OS Requirements

By default, the Pro-vue Mobile CMS is compatible with commonly used mobile and computer operating systems. The below image will show you the minimum requirements of each compatible operating system.

Pro-vue Mobile for PC

Atleast, these versions are requirements, the upper version will be more appreciated.

What is Pro-vue Mobile?

Pro-vue Mobile is a Camera Management Software also known as CMS. It is the medium between the computer and IP Camera DVRs setup. Due to this medium, a user enables itself to view the live surveillance coming through the eyes of cameras.

Monitoring is not the only function of Pro-vue Mobile! There are various other functions which you can perform through Pro-vue Mobile for PC. It supports the Pan, Tilt, and Zoom alike features if your cameras are according to these. The functions of a CMS are always dependent on the features of the Camera. Written features are on the Behalf of App only, camera compatibility is a must for these features.

Users can adjust the Lens direction or position just through few clicks. It is one of the few CMS services that also offer Cloud Storage which may require additional charges. If someone wants to record video manually at the desired time, this CMS will also let them do it. Add as many cameras as you need. Moreover, on motion detection, the CMS will notify you within no time. Remember to keep enable the notification to get updates 24/7.

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Download Pro-vue Mobile for PC and Other devices

Here, are the download links of Pro-vue Mobile for PC, smartphones with compatible operating systems. These are not direct links. For Windows and MacOS we used Google Drive and for smartphones, we used the official store links.

Download for PC CMS for MAC Download for Android CMS for iPhone Download for iPad

Now, it’s time to unleash the most authentic way to install Pro-vue Mobile for PC. We have given the image illustrations alongside the theoretical procedure to minimize the chance of errors.

How to Download Pro-vue Mobile for PC

On the “Wellcome to the Surveillance Client Setup Wizard” screen, click on the “Next” button.

Pro Vue Mobile for PC

Assign the location directory to the CMS by clicking on the Browse option. It is better to continue with the Default Location. Click on the Next Button to Proceed.

Pro Vue Mobile for PC

Create a start menu for  “Where should setup place the Program Shortcuts”.

Pro Vue Mobile for PC

Check the box of ” Create a Desktop icon” if you want to keep the shortcut of CMS at home.

Pro Vue Mobile for PC

Finally, it’s time to click on the Install button to start the Installation Process.

Pro Vue Mobile for PC

On the “Completing the Surveillance Client Setup Wizard” screen, click on the “Finish” button.

Pro Vue Mobile for PC

Get the CMS Ready for Use

As you all know that the installation process is complete now. It’s time to Log-in to CMS using the Default username and password.

Pro Vue Mobile for PC

Click on the Next Button on new window appeared.

Pro Vue Mobile for PC

Now the users will see the software’s device manager screen. Here, they need to click on the “Add Device“ button to start adding devices.

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Pro Vue Mobile for PC

At this Window, users need to Enter IP/Domain, Port, device name, username, and password to connect the devices on the CMS.

Pro Vue Mobile for PC

At the Home tab of CMS, click on the Main View option to view the camera surveillance.

Pro Vue Mobile for PC

Now you are ready to view the live surveillance of cameras. The below screenshot shows the camera results that are coming directly through the cameras.


The human eye can blink but the camera eye doesn’t. In this crisis and COVID 19 Pandemic, most of the commercial and business properties are closed. We can’t keep those places alone on the “kindness” of criminals. On the other hand, we also can’t keep looking at them with our eyes twenty-four hours a day. Cameras are the best way to keep surveillance on our properties. Atleast they will stay in front of you. Pro-vue Mobile for PC in the security of our properties with the help of a camera and CMS collaboration.

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